Sigh. Last week, Neurologist called with the MRI report and seemed convinced that the excess spinal fluid was the cause of at least some of Lu’s issues if not all. Unfortunately, after he spoke with Neurosurgeon, he rescinded that answer. Our Neurosurgeon visit today offered no further illumination; the pineal … Continue reading

Arbonne Cleanse Risks

To start writing a descriptive essay, select the subject you’ll be describing. This portion of your article must indulge the readers to help you to stop the composition off ideal. There are numerous excellent issues for this form of article. The topic will learn the essential or primary issue of … Continue reading

An answer

Our amazing neurologist called yesterday morning and while he had not personally seen the scan yet, he had spoken to the radiologist and there is something there. #NOTATUMOR, but there IS extra fluid on her spinal cord – pretty much all over, from her neck down to the lower spine. He has referred us to … Continue reading