Squishy Update

Mommy has entered the home stretch of pregnancy, and Squishy will be here before we know it. In less than 10 weeks, I am going to be a big brother! (So, that makes me the middle child, right? Because Henry was here first…)

Anyway, we have gotten a *teensy* bit further in our preparations and Mommy has pulled back from full blown panic mode, to just super stressed and anxious.

*I* am totally ready for a new baby in the house. I dote on Max’s baby sister, Sarah, and last week at the mall? I totally soothed a baby we didn’t even know! (She was crying in her stroller and I patted her leg and said “okay, baby, no crying.” Mommy said that maybe we should stick to patting only babies we’ve met before…) I drag Sugarplum around like it’s my job, and am constantly sharing my snacks with her. I am VERY careful to make sure that her hat is always on, and almost never let Henry chew on her. I like to give her kisses.

I might be the only one fully prepared.

Should we check in?

I moved into my Big Boy bed, leaving the crib free and moved and ready into Mommy & Daddy’s room. Of course, as soon as it moved in there, it became a storage unit for random baby gear with no other place to go, so it’s no more ready to be slept in by Squishy than before, but at least I’m not using it anymore.

IF she gets somewhere to sleep, then she better not get too comfy; the changing facilities in there have not improved at all. The plan is to set up a changing pad on Mommy’s dresser and stash a basket of diapering supplies in there for overnight diaper issues. So far, though? No such pad or basket exist. Also? The surface of her dresser is covered by a big, unused tv, and a litter of earring backings, old receipts, and ponytail holders – none of which is spectacularly newborn friendly.

One thing Mommy HAS done, though? Shopping. *I* happen to like my clothing and think I look pretty dapper most of the time, but apparently baby girl clothes? Whole different level of cute. Mommy is on some sort of pink-ruffly-tushie high; we have amassed a wardrobe that should last until spring – or at least until Squishy grows out of 0-3 months. We hit the sale at The Children’s Place last week pretty hard, and the only thing we have left to get is a few pairs of jammies (my winter pajamas will probably be too big for her – I was born in August, so my teeny-tiny stuff is mostly sleeveless…). Some of our favorite pieces?

Fleece hoodie? Cute. With Ears? Yes. please! And it matches teeny tiny fleece pants with ruffles on the tushie? Woohoo!

Baby Sarah has one of these hooded fair isle sweaters, and Mommy totally threatened to break into Michele’s house and steal it in the middle of the night. Multiple times. We saw it on clearance, though, and decided that purchasing one of our own would be a better option – we really like Michele and theft would probably drive a wedge there. (But for the fleece lining and pom pom on the hood? It might have been worth it.)

These are neither pink nor ruffled, so they might be a little out of place in Squishy’s wardrobe… but teeny-tiny jeggings? SERIOUSLY? These might be Mommy’s favorite purchase so far.

So Squishy may be sleeping in a box on the floor because her crib is full of junk, and she’ll have to navigate the obstacle course of Mommy’s dresser-top for a dry diaper, but she’s going to be really well dressed!

I am totally prepared and qualified to give Squishy some fashion tips:
1) Hat > No Hat
2) Don’t stress too much if your pants are *always* too big.
3) Shirts? Totally optional.
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  1. Awww Cole, you're going to make a GREAT big brother!!!

    And all the stuff that's not ready yet? It sounds like those things can all be fixed with an hour or two of work instead of days or weeks, so NO MORE STRESSING (yeah right, I know!!)

  2. Oh my goodness I can't believe you are in the home stretch already….crazy! Awww that is so cute how good Cole is already nice to little girls. I think he is going to make a GREAT big brother!!! And the clothes?? SO cute!

  3. We have a plastic 4 drawer thing from bed bath and beyond in our room for xtra jammies outfits blankets and what not

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