I’m pretty sure everyone in real life has gotten theirs by now, so here’s a peek at Lulu’s birth announcement for my internet friends! Also? We sent one to the White House and got a card back – how cool is that?

29 & 1 Month Days

Ohmigosh, you guys, it has been FOREVER! I’ve been a *terrible* blogger lately – but Mommy’s show was this weekend (it went TERRIFIC, thanks for asking!) so we had rehearsals and tech week and all of that, plus we just found out that the school is closing, so we are … Continue reading

28 Months

Usually, when it’s time to check in with a milestone post, Mommy and I look back at the month and wonder where it went so fast – notsomuch this December. We are SO ready to be done with 2011; Mommy doesn’t feel well and isn’t playing with me so much. … Continue reading

Out & About

Mommy is still on bed rest; Squishy is still an inside baby – nothing new to report there. In fact, Squishy got a perfect score on her first test – 8/8 on some biophysical profile or something. {So she’ll obviously be following me off to Harvard.} But just because Mommy … Continue reading

Just Keep Swimming

So, yesterday’s “woe is me” post? We’re regaining our footing (not literally, because Mommy is still on bed rest, but we’re feeling much better about it). One of the stipulations for Mommy’s continued outpatient status was that she purchase a blood pressure cuff and monitor herself a few times a … Continue reading


I *would* say that maybe you’d noticed a blog silence over the last few days, but I’ve been such a terrible baby blogger the last few months, that my sad ONE post last week has gotten to be par for the course around here. At any rate, at least this … Continue reading

27 Months

Hi. Can I first apologize for being a total bloggy slacker? *I* would be all about getting new content up on here, but *someone* (::cough::Mommy::cough::) is all exhausted all the time – apparently growing Squishy has depleted all of her energy? Couldn’t possibly be because I have given up napping … Continue reading