Summer Cold

We had a very busy weekend; my schedule was jam-packed and overfull and, on top of it, I have a bit of a summer cold – my nose has been leaking *constantly.* I’m *very* sleepy today – my body needs time to rest and catch up before I can be … Continue reading


One of the best things about blogging has been the connections and friendships I’ve found online – it’s really fun keeping up with everyone and seeing other kids grow up! In fact, I’m super-excited for my very first tweet-up next week: Harmony and Baby C and Mommy and I will … Continue reading

Meet Jane.

Jane Honda. You can stop laughing – Mommy’s first car was a Ford Escort named Harrison… think it through: Harrison Ford! Yeah, no one said we weren’t big dorks over here.Anyway, Mommy has a brand new car! The original plan was to take a bunch of pictures of Jane herself … Continue reading