Meet Jane.

Jane Honda.

You can stop laughing – Mommy’s first car was a Ford Escort named Harrison… think it through: Harrison Ford! Yeah, no one said we weren’t big dorks over here.
Anyway, Mommy has a brand new car! The original plan was to take a bunch of pictures of Jane herself to post here, but it was 102 degrees out today and we were not all about being outside in the parking lot. So that one up there is a stock pic… so’s this one:

Isn’t she pretty? Mommy got an excellent lease deal on a 2010 Honda Fit Sport in Blackberry Pearl (Purple is Mommy’s very favorite color!). She told Daddy that if she could pick any car in the whole world, that’s the exact one she would choose so she *loves* it. Daddy told her “Way to dream big.”

We needed a new car because Mommy’s old car was 2 doors and it would have been really hard to get me in and out of my new big boy carseat. That’s right, my new backseat home is a Britax Roundabout 50 – no infant bucket for me anymore! (Well, unless I’m going in Daddy’s car.) The other great thing about Jane is that she has remote keyless entry – which is kind of a shame because Mommy was getting really good at juggling me, my carseat, the diaper bag, and whatever other miscellaneous items we had with us in order to lock and unlock the car.

Also? There’s a USB jack in the glove compartment, so Mommy can charge her iPhone and we can listen to it through the radio! How awesome is that?!

Finally, check out the cute floor mats Mommy got! Now we just need to plan some cool summer road trips – who should we come visit?

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  1. sweet! congrats! love the color

  2. I have the same floor mats in my car. I like the purple color. What happened to your old car?

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