Herding Cats

Since Mommy bought one of the photos that they took in the hospital, we were entitled to a free sitting & 8x10 for Lulu's first monthday... except they didn't really come in a timely manner, so Lulu's model moment was last week - she's over 2 months old already!Anyway, Mommy had her heart set on … Continue reading

Strengths & Weaknesses

I ran about 10 minutes after I taught myself to walk, I have been able to jump for for-ev-er, and I am oh-so-verbal. I can do a somersault, identify a bunch of different types of dinosaurs, and count to 10 (well. only if you're not so picky about "5"). I sleep in a Big Boy bed, can climb up rope … Continue reading

State of the Blog

Mommy and I have had a difficult few weeks which has translated into spotty blogging. There are a few reasons for this - and why it will likely continue for a little while. 1 - Mommy is terrible at pregnancy. She had a number of complications right up through labor and delivery with me (she … Continue reading

Summer is Flying!

The Terrible Twos have arrived in our house with a vengeance - I have spent the past several weeks a whiny, cranky, screaming mess. And Mommy? For some reason, she doesn't have nearly the patience she usually does. She says I have struck out on dining out, and I won't be going with her or Daddy … Continue reading