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Mommy and I have had a difficult few weeks which has translated into spotty blogging. There are a few reasons for this – and why it will likely continue for a little while.

1 – Mommy is terrible at pregnancy. She had a number of complications right up through labor and delivery with me (she spent the night in ICU), and it’s beginning again. She changed doctors because the last bunch didn’t catch a bunch of our issues until she was in labor, so it’s good that the new docs are on the ball, but Mommy felt bowled over yesterday. She failed her early glucose challenge test by ONE point. (And apparently, they lowered the passing score – the same level would have been good 2 years ago.) Because of the fact that she had gestational diabetes with me, she’s electing to skip the 3 hour test and go straight to blood sugar monitoring, and probable eventual insulin shots.

Before anyone jumps all over us, Mommy and I *know* that GD is not SO bad; we dealt with it before, so Mommy knows how to monitor it, and knows the insulin shots are not as difficult as they sound, but she was really hoping to avoid the whole thing this time around. She is more than a little bummed out that she will have to deal with this again – and manage visits to the endocrinologist and nutritionist with a toddler in tow.

With the same bloodwork from the glucose test, it was discovered that Mommy’s platelet levels are low… She had low platelets with me, but that was one of the things that no one noticed until after her water broke – she needed a platelet transfusion before delivery. So we need to add a visit (visits?) to the hematologist to our calendar, and that will continue to be monitored. Low platelets *can* be an indication of preeclampsia or HELPP syndrome, so Mommy is less than thrilled about this new development.

Finally, Mommy is just not one of those happy, glowy, “every moment is special because there’s a miracle growing inside me” kind of pregnant ladies. Mommy is tired and cranky and prone to mood swings and headaches.

2 – I, as I may have mentioned, have hit the terrible twos. *I* am tired and cranky, too – all the more so since I’m on a bit of a nap strike this week. I have my 2 year appointment with Dr. Andy coming up, and I am not at all sure that I’ve grown *that* much since my 18 month visit, so we might be back to morning Carnation Instant Breakfast milkshakes for a while. Sigh.

3 – I’m not really sure what direction my blog is going to go in; there need to be some changes around here to get ready for Baby Squishy’s arrival. My poor baby brother or sister is already going to have some 2nd child issues going on – Mommy & Daddy prepared for *my* arrival by special ordering custom crib linens and spending hours decorating my nursery. Squishy is going to sleep in the corner of their room in my hand-me-down crib (which, by the way, I’m not done using yet!). Anyway, we will need a new name, which means it might be a good time to switch over to self-hosted WordPress (stop laughing, WeeMason’sMom, we’ll do it eventually), but I don’t really have any ideas yet. It might help once I know if Squishy is a boy or a girl, and his/her name, so that will have to wait a while… changes, they are a-brewing.

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  1. I laughed out loud (not sure if it was meant to be funny) but I'm a tired and cranky pregnant lady of a two year old too and I get it!! I hope everything goes okay with all the Dr. appointments! Are you finding out the sex of baby #2??

  2. So I suppose this is a bad time to suggest that Squishy gets his/her own blog and you keep yours, huh?? (Crap, you're not too pregnant to lift heavy things and throw them at me yet, are you?!!?)

    Sending lots and lots of good thoughts that everything starts going smoother than it has been these past few weeks!!

  3. I think I somehow have missed that you're pregnant! Congrats! Sorry it's been rough for you & Cole.

    I think they would be a fun time to start a new blog about you & both your kids in your voice. & you could even keep this one from Cole's perspective too just for fun.

  4. I'm excited to see the new changes on this blog and am always looking forward to hearing about how your mom's pregnancy is going. Please get well Momma, I know this must not be easy for you especially with a toddler. {{{hugs}}}

  5. what a cute blog! sorry your mommy isn't feeling well!!! xox

    newest GFC follower from the hop!
    Would love for you to follow back and stop by and say hello!

  6. Congrats to you and your family. Pregnancy is super tough and fortunately it's only 40 weeks. Take it easy on your mama and best wishes!!

  7. Your mommy makes me laugh. I wasn't one of those happily glowy pregnant people either. I was cute though…LOL. I wasn't all about “miracle in my body” type I was like WTHeck is happening to me? Why is my body doing this tome!?”

    Tell mommy to let the blog get spotty, she has to take care of you and squish…and that is an order.

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