Because Mommy is tired and grumpy, here is a light and fluffy post for you: DIY No Slip Clippies

Mommy would be such an amazing crafter if, you know, she had any actual skillz, so you KNOW when we post a tutorial it’s *super* simple!


One of Mommy’s very favorite thing about being a girl mom is the accessories – headbands and bows and clippies, oh my! Lulu’s hair, though, is still pretty thin and fine, and lots of clips just slide right out. We got a few flower clips from Etsy with a rubber part that kept them from slipping, and it gave Mommy the idea to modify our other barrettes!

IMG_4406It is super easy and cost almost nothing! We found some grippy jar openers at the dollar store, and used hot glue we already had. So this project cost $1 – and we have PLENTY of rubbery stuff for more clips!

First, Mommy used one of the barrettes as a template and cut the grippy stuff into strips.

IMG_4409 Then, she cut the strips to size and hot glued them to the top arm of the clippie.


After you run a bead of hot glue down the top arm, wait a few seconds, and then press the no-slip strip into it. (Make sure to wait a moment, because the grippies have little holes in them, and Hot! glue. Not that we speak from experience.)

It took all of 15 minutes for Mommy to un-slippify all of Baby Lulu’s clips – easy peasy!IMG_4413


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  1. O…M…G!!! That is an AMAZING trick!!!
    I wish I’d known that when my daughter was little!!
    You’re a genius!

  2. What a great idea! Look how crafty you are! 🙂

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