Our Week in iPhone Photos: 9/22-9/28

We survived the week! Dentist appointments and Simchat Torah dinners, and Family Fun Day, oh my!  SO much to do. By comparison, this week ahead should be relatively calm – I might even get a 21 month month post on time next week! Probably not, but you never know…


IMG_2322Mommy had work on Sunday morning, and then we headed off to the park.
IMG_2329It was Trey’s birthday!


IMG_2341Mondays are for Aardvarks!
IMG_2360Mondays are the only day of the week that Mommy and Daddy don’t have anything going on in the evening. Snuggles!


IMG_2368With Cole back in school, Mommy and I are back in our walking routine.
IMG_2375Dueling dollhouse pianos
IMG_2379We look all cute and serene – bwahahaha!


IMG_2381You know what is the saddest? Leaving Cole at school All Day. I miss him!
IMG_2383Lunch a Lulu’s (don’t you think I should get a discount?) with Marissa cheered me up a bit.
IMG_2386And we had pizza dinner with Daddy while Mommy was off at work.


IMG_2387On Thursday, we hit warp speed overdrive… We had errands to run in the morning, then we went to rent ski equipment for Cole with Coach, met up with Grammy Boo for lunch, and then I needed a nap.
IMG_2389Cole worked on some legos and we ended up staying at Grammy Boo and Coach’s house for dinner.
IMG_2397We did NOT fall asleep on the way home, so Mommy drove around for half an hour until we did.


IMG_2401After we dropped Cole off at school, Mommy and I went to the grocery store to confirm the food order for Shabbat dinner, and then we called Tessie to come over and play with me so Mommy could get a quick shower.
IMG_2406Cole had a doctor’s appointment right after school. No cavities!
IMG_2409Then it was time for Cole’s first official swimming lesson. He really wants to join the swim team.
IMG_2416After the lesson, we went to meet Mommy at temple for dinner and services. Friday was a crazy, crazy day.


IMG_2423Mommy spent Saturday working her booth for Family Fun Day.
IMG_2424We went to visit, and Cole got a bat painted on his arm!

IMG_2426Showing off his cool ink.

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  1. Looks like such a fun week! 🙂 Love all the pictures! The bat tattoo is awesome!-Ashley

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