Our Week in iPhone Photos: 9/29-10/5

Do you guys know how much you can accomplish if you stay awake 23.5 hours a day? I’m pretty much only napping about 3 times a week, and I’m up from 7AM until 11PM – and sometimes later! Mommy, for some reason, does not love this new schedule…


IMG_2432Good morning! Cole and I climbed into bed with Daddy while Mommy headed off to work.
IMG_2448Holiday Photo Attempt FAIL. Nice face, Cole. And me, too – did I have a stroke?
IMG_2463We were supposed to go the Garlic Festival on Sunday afternoon, but it got kind of late, so we headed to DePiero’s instead.
IMG_2471Cole picked out a pumpkin for himself AND a baby one for me!
IMG_2493I liked this big one, though.
IMG_2500Another one that won’t be on our Hanukkah card this year.
IMG_2508I got a little lost in the hay maze, so Cole came and got me, and lead me by the hand to get out. And then Mommy’s heart exploded into a thousand little pieces.  The cute, you guys.


IMG_2522“Go away Mommy, I don’t want to get up.” Cole is a teenager now, apparently.
IMG_2538Mommy and I had a lunch date after Aardvarks.
IMG_2540A rare nap…
IMG_2547And look! I’m a teenager, too. Just chillin’ with Mommy’s iPad. Like ya do.
IMG_2552Kitchen dance party!


IMG_2566Henry is not really a reliable waker-upper.
IMG_2569Charlotte was here; this CRAZY web was at the beginning of Mommy’s and my walk on Tuesday morning.
IMG_2577And these dear crossed the trail right in front of us!
IMG_2588You know what I love? Fro yo.


IMG_2607Blurry, but happy. We went to a Mommy & Me Music class at the library on Wednesday.


IMG_2632Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya live in Australia, and because of the time difference, they frequently call at about 7PM our time, also know as the time of day where we turn into shrieking demons. Pretty much every time they call adds another year on before Grammy Boo sees any more grandchildren.  This series of Thursday pictures is proof for Aunt Maya that we are not *always* screaming and crazy.
IMG_2640The new detangling spray Mommy bought? AWESOME.
IMG_2643We stopped at Starbucks after our morning walk and, due to some glitch in their computer system, they were unable to ring us up. Free cakepop!
IMG_2656W-a-i-t-i-n-g for Cole…
IMG_2657Apparently Zack and Cole had some serious business to discuss.
IMG_2666Second and final nap of the week. And Mommy didn’t even get to enjoy it – she ran off to tutoring and we hung out with Coach.
IMG_2667This is blurry, but so awfully cute. Cole helped me all the way upstairs to home.


IMG_2670We went to a babywearing meeting on Friday, and Mommy demo-ed a Double Hammock carry with a wrap from the group’s collection. And then we fell in love with the Oscha Starry Night. So, so pretty – and amazingly thin. Who thinks Daddy would notice if we snuck another wrap into the pile in the dining room?
IMG_2674I wasn’t ready to stop snuggling after the meeting, so Mommy wore me in our favorite ring sling to pick up Cole.
IMG_2675Cole made an awesome dinosaur shirt at school, but this is the best shot Mommy got. Also, we were instructed to send in an oversized t-shirt which, based on the fact that this is so large it doesn’t look like Cole is wearing shorts, we were successful at. Wanna know Cole’s super oversized shirt size? 4T. He’s such a peanut.
IMG_2686You know how Cole can swim, right? Apparently the pool he takes lessons in is a bit chilly because he refuses to show off his mad skillz.


IMG_2687Mommy had a table at a Fall Fest on Saturday,
IMG_2688You will notice that guy on her back is not Cole or me – that’s Melvin, her demo baby.
IMG_2690Kissy faces. Cole is very loving in between knocking me over…
IMG_2694Mommy, in desperation, told me just to close my eyes and go to sleep… I kind of mocked her.


You guys! It’s International Babywearing Week! Woot! I think the extent of our involvement this year will be posting a pic a day or something, but if anyone has a question they want Mommy to answer or a carry they want demonstrated, let us know!  You can check out our babywearing background here.

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  1. Your chldren are adorable! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun! Cute post 🙂

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