Our Week in iPhone Photos: 9/15-9/21

This is becoming a refrain on here, but BUSY! September is flying by at *warp* speed, and there is no end in sight to our crazy calendar; in fact, as the fall continues, we only get MORE hectic. We wanted to invite friends over for dinner one night, and the first evening that we are available is October 19th. If we survive this fall, we can do ANYthing.


IMG_2211On Sunday, we went to the Italian festival – yum!

IMG_2218Grandma and Uncle David came with us, and everyone was having a great time until I threw up… all over Mommy’s back. This started the week of tummy bug that took over our house – and I even gave it to Grammy Boo and Coach, too!


IMG_2222On Monday morning, Mommy got up to find that Cole had moved in to sleep on the couch at some point during the night…
IMG_2224which is where Henry usually sleeps. But don’t worry: Henry found a comfy spot!
IMG_2243Monday was our very first day back to Music for Aardvarks. YAY!
IMG_2254Savannah’s baby sister wasn’t feeling well, so she came to class and lunch with Mommy and me.
IMG_2257Walking around the lake with Mommy is not so exciting.
IMG_2261I don’t even know what we’re doing here, but looks like fun.


IMG_2263If you pour raisins all over the floor, Mommy will make you clean them up. Especially if she’s grumpy because you gave her your stomach virus.
IMG_2275Mommy dragged me off to Dr. Andy, even though by the time of my appointment she had caught my bug and it was pretty clear that it was a virus and not some food allergy or something making me throw up.


IMG_2276Mommy still felt pretty green on Wednesday, and might be a little of a miracle that we got Cole to school on time.


IMG_2286Thursday was so much fun! I watched Dora on the iPad in the morning while we all got ready to take Cole to school. and then we went to Coach’s house for a while after picking Cole up.
IMG_2291I took Minnie for a ride in Lightning McQueen.


IMG_2303Playing Snail Bob on the iPad in our jammies – could mornings before school get any better?


IMG_2309On Saturday, we went a craft fair with Mommy and Grammy Boo and Aunt Angela. The BEST part was the school bus that shuttled us from the parking area to the fair. You guys? It was Wheels on the Bus in real life!!! Mind Blown.
IMG_2317We went back to Coach’s house for the afternoon and I did Not Nap.

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