We have been mostly silent on here for the past few weeks, and it was only partly due to Mommy’s laptop problems; we have been SUPER busy in real life! I finished my very first year of school – my last day of pre-k3 was 2 weeks ago already! We … Continue reading

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 6/9-6/15

Mommy got her laptop back – huzzah! We have quite a backlog of drafts on our blog dashboard, and we can’t wait to catch up. We had a crazy week; Cole doesn’t have preschool anymore for the summer, and the pool doesn’t open during the week until tomorrow – combine … Continue reading

Our Week in iPhone Photos: 5/26-6/1

ARG. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this posted, but Mommy’s laptop is still in the shop, and not only is it really hard to post from her phone (especially with all of these pictures, so that’s why this is abbreviated), but also, apparently once … Continue reading

Coming Soon!

You may have noticed our iPhone pic post is missing this week – I’m hoping to get it done soon, but my laptop stopped working and we’re waiting for it to (hopefully!) be fixed. Cross your fingers for a simple problem able to be quickly and cheaply resolved… We are … Continue reading