Our Week in iPhone Photos: 6/9-6/15

Mommy got her laptop back – huzzah! We have quite a backlog of drafts on our blog dashboard, and we can’t wait to catch up. We had a crazy week; Cole doesn’t have preschool anymore for the summer, and the pool doesn’t open during the week until tomorrow – combine that with the fact that Grammy Boo and Coach flew off to Australia and the fact that we just listed the condo for sale, and Mommy was a little worried about survival. We made it through yet, and are totally excited for summer vacation!


IMG_9105Mommy said something about how you’re not supposed to eat your toast butter first. Whatever.


IMG_9112Cole and Daddy went on a boys’ playdate on Sunday, so Mommy and I just hung out most of the day. We took Henry for a walk.


IMG_9145I called Grammy Boo.




IMG_9152Mommy is dead on the floor from the cute in this picture.


IMG_9162Aardvarks! Shakey eggs!


IMG_9169Cole’s preschool picnic was on Monday, which was his goodbye to his 3’s teachers. Sniff.


IMG_9175I do not sleep thought the night in Cole’s room, nor do I even go in there at all most nights, but Mommy and Daddy encourage it.


IMG_9179Preschool outing at Chuck E Cheese.


IMG_9181Cole was a HUGE fan of this game, which was a simulated boat race in Sydney harbor; he *really* wants to go to Oz-lalia.


IMG_9186I played the dancing game for about 10 minutes, even though Mommy had not put a coin into it.


IMG_9192Train ride.


IMG_9195This is me, way up in the habitrail thingy. Mommy claims I am 17 months old, but do 17 month old babies climb way up to the ceiling like this? No. Clearly, I am 4.


IMG_9197All the pizza. Nom.


IMG_9211We spent most of Wednesday driving Coach and Grammy Boo to the airport, so this is the only pic we have from the day. No idea what’s going on here.


IMG_9216It was raining REALLY hard on Thursday morning, and Henry had a grooming appointment, which  meant Mommy had to get all three of us out of the house in the morning. Whee!


IMG_9221Playdate with Max and Sarah


IMG_9226No room for Daddy.


IMG_9228Child labor FTW!


IMG_9232Cole took this pic of Daddy at Dinos After Dark.




IMG_9241Saturday was the most perfect beach day. Cole even shared his ice cream with me; he dropped it in the sand first, but I didn’t mind.


IMG_9244We met up with C and R – so mice to see friends!


IMG_9249Cole and Daddy went swimming, even though it was *freezing.*


IMG_9255Mommy and I took a walk and came upon lifeguard testing – these guys are so strong!


IMG_9268Playing in the sand…


IMG_9278Collecting sea shells…


IMG_9290We went a *little* Redneck Baby when I fell in the waves and got my clothes all wet – Mommy hadn’t put my bathing suit on because she didn’t intend for me to go swimming, but I had my own ideas.

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  1. So excited that we made the post! Lets do it again soon

  2. I can’t think of a more unpleasant time to take a dog to be groomed than during heavy rain and lots of it! Love LuLu’s beach day hair do, that one cute sprout of hair a top her head…I die of cuteness!!

    • It was Not Fun – both kids decided to dawdle on the path, too (THEY were in nice, dry rain jackets). I got to the car looking like I had jumped in the pool with my clothes on… She was such a beach baby, too – she loved it!

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