Dr. Andy

After my last post, there has been a little bit of a backlash against Dr. Andy, so I just wanted to clarify: We LOVE him. Yes, he can be a bit over-dramatic at times, but that probably just balances out my own very lax attitude. You guys? I had no idea Cole couldn't breathe for over a MONTH. So … Continue reading

Failure to Thrive

Since her four month appointment, Lulu's head circumference has been a bit smaller than her weight and height would suggest - apparently, she's a pinhead.  Good thing she has those big chubby cheeks to balance her face out! Anyway, Dr. Andy has never been *really* concerned since it has been … Continue reading

16 Months

Lulu turned 16 months on Frieday, so this post is somewhat late, but c'est la vie. Our family manages to be late for everything nowadays. Every day Lulu is less and less baby-like; she has picked up half a dozen signs in the past months, and a few spoken words, too. She says my name (All The … Continue reading