We have been mostly silent on here for the past few weeks, and it was only partly due to Mommy’s laptop problems; we have been SUPER busy in real life!

I finished my very first year of school – my last day of pre-k3 was 2 weeks ago already! We had a flurry of end of year activities, and were so sad to say good bye to Miss Aliza and Miss Zena. Mommy made them quick little Thank You gifts and was pretty psyched when they came out looking more or less like the Pinterest inspiration pictures.June 2013

Mommy completed her Lamaze Certification, which led to relaunching Baby To Go, and she starts teaching a new class series next week!

IMG_9308Finally, poor Baby Lulu’s second child status is showing again; she turned 17 months old over a week ago, and we’re just now getting to her post…  She has gained a few words, but is mostly non-verbal still. She *does* let you know what she wants, and we share a stubborn streak – she can be INSISTENT.

She *believes* in her heart of hearts that we are twins – and she HAS to do everything I can do. Climb up the huge play structures at fast food places? Check. Sleep in a crib or eat in a high chair? No way – that’s baby stuff.  She also firmly believes she can swim – and Mommy fervently hopes she learns quickly because the combination of NO fear at all and wanting to follow me everywhere is not great at the pool.

Because she thinks she is four, Lulu has no interest in napping – she wants to keep up with me! Unfortunately, she is definitely note ready to drop her nap so by late afternoon she is usually a cranky mess OR she has passed out and will therefore be up until 3AM. This is not Mommy’s favorite phase…

Baby Lulu’s real name is Eloise, but we never really call her that: she goes by Lulu, Baby Lulu, Baby, Baby Girl, Baby Goo, Lulu Belle, Lu, Lu Bee, Lollipop, and Princess.  Mommy also calls her Cole about 20% of the time, and occasionally Henry.

Checking in with Baby Center…

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Uses 6 words regularly – Meh: Mommy, Daddy, there, Cole – that’s about it.
  •  Enjoys pretend games – Not sure about this one…


Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Feeds doll – She *kisses* all her dolls… and feeds Henry all the time – does that count?
  • Speaks more clearly – The few words she says, she says perfectly.
  • Throws a ball underhand – Not very far, but yes.


Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Dances to music – YES. Dancing is Lulu’s favorite. Unfortunately, she frequently climbs onto the coffee table to perform.
  • Sorts toys by color, shape, or size – Nope.
  •  Kicks ball forward – I don’t know if Lulu has ever tried to kick a ball… She really likes to throw them, though!



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  1. More or less like their Pinterest inspirations….WHAT? They look TOTALLY FANTASTIC. It doesn’t get better than those crayon initials. That is a total Pinterest WIN!! I’m so impressed!!!

    Lulu is adorbs. What a cutie!! Happy 17 months, Lulu!!! –Lisa

    • Aw, thanks! Most of my craft projects look like blind cats made them, so it’s nice when comes out right once in a while…

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