Our Week in iPhone Photos: 4/28-5/4

What a whirlwind!  We have been running around like crazy people for the last few weeks – with no real end in sight…  I am getting all four of my vampire teeth, so I have NOT been my usual cheerful, sunny self; instead, my screeching crankiness has acted as birth control not only for Aunt Maya and Uncle Matt, but also for Mommy’s friend who called while I was mid-meltdown and couldn’t hear her over my shrieking.  Mommy is pushing the Camilia drops, and waiting for the day when my teeth are firmly in and my tantrums abate.


IMG_7729Sunday was another *gorgeous* day, and we spent the afternoon at Union Square park playground.


IMG_7739Mommy wanted to get a picture of me and Cole together – something about us looking extra adorable in our matching t-shirts – but I was impatient to go down the slide, and NOT cooperating.


IMG_7744We were better at posing individually.




IMG_7755Baby in a tube.


IMG_7759TWO babies in a tube!


IMG_7768We had a munchkin break. Thanks for the snacks, Aunt Debbie!


IMG_7786We met up with Victor and Liss and Francis and Emily for dinner at Republic. YUM.


IMG_7798Monday, therefore Aardvarks.


IMG_7820Teething tantrum in the middle of the Apple store while Mommy was waiting for her phone to be fixed.


IMG_7821Cole, on the other hand, was waiting patiently.


IMG_7826Tuesday was a completely lazy morning.  I took out ALL the Legos.


IMG_7828Cole just relaxed.


IMG_7841Cole helped Aunt Maya peel potatoes.


IMG_7848I had tantrums and hung out in the swing for a while.


IMG_7852Cole also helped Coach pound the chicken.  There are no pictures of our completed dinner because I threw a FIT, and we had to eat and run.


IMG_7855On Wednesday morning, Mommy and I went for a walk while Cole was in school.  Mommy did most of the actual walking.


IMG_7859I had fun hitching along, though.


IMG_7862Mommy went out without us on Wednesday night, and Daddy *claimed* that I was being impossible, but this is what Mommy found when she came home; do I look impossible to you?


IMG_7865Our friends went on vacation and brought Cole and I souvenirs.  I *love* my hat.


IMG_7870On Thursday, we went to the Bronx Zoo.


IMG_7873Cole was super excited for the 4D movie, and he dragged Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya in with him.


IMG_7875I slept through almost the ENTIRE zoo day – good thing we’re members and will go back soon!


IMG_7877The sea lions were totally posing.


IMG_7880Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya made a new rhino friend.


IMG_7901Cole wasn’t feeling well on Friday morning, so we stayed home so he could rest a bit.


IMG_7904Uncle Matt spent our whole day at the zoo looking for the special Coke machine, and when he found it, it was closed… We went to Five Guys for dinner on Friday, and found one there!


IMG_7910This weekend was the Spring Crafts Fair at Lyndhurst – Mommy’s favorite! There was a “musical petting zoo,” and Cole put on an impromptu concert.


IMG_7918I hitched a ride in the rainbow carrier.


IMG_7940Tech time with Daddy!



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  1. What a totally fun, perfect family kind of week! Y’all were on the go for sure! Your kids are SO CUTE!!-The Dose Girls

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