Our Week in iPhone Photos: 5/5-5/11

Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya went back home to Australia on Monday, so we’ve had a quieter week. I can’t wait to see them again when they move back to the United States! I’ve mostly gotten over my teething issues, but then I caught a pretty icky cold so I was still a bit cranky. I turned 16 months, so Cole will have a milestone post this week, and we are starting to think about Cole’s birthday party. We booked the park!


IMG_7949Cole slept late on Sunday morning, and finally I couldn’t take it anymore – I went in and woke him up!


IMG_1458Daddy took us to the playground while Mommy was at work.


IMG_1469I *love* swings.


IMG_7975Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya got married in January, but it was all the way in Australia and we didn’t get to go, so we had them cut the cake at dinner.


IMG_7988Cole insisted on taking a bath at Grammy Boo’s house before we came home.


IMG_7991Are you guys tired of Aardvarks pictures yet?


IMG_8014Trey is one of Cole’s best friends. And he lives right next door!


IMG_8023Cole posed and requested that Mommy take this picture.


IMG_1473Bathing beauty!


IMG_8024I don’t even know what we did all day on Tuesday.


IMG_8037It rained on Wednesday, but I have a supernice big brother who was willing to share the umbrella.


IMG_8039While Cole was at school, Mommy and I went to pick him out some snazzy duds for his concert on Friday. After a quick consultation with Twitter, we went with the Batman tie.


IMG_8045Mommy got new sneakers – they have ALL the colors!


IMG_8050Rainy afternoon = lunch at McDonald’s = kiddie cones! Yay!


IMG_8080I started feeling a little under the weather on Wednesday night – I have a bit of a cold. 🙁


IMG_8084Mommy wants to know where I got the black eye, but then a few of her friends reminded her of the first rule of Fight Club.


IMG_8093We ran a few errands on Thursday, including heading to Loew’s for some plants for Cole’s teachers. I don’t know why we’re making faces – we LOVED the car cart.


IMG_8111We went for a walk with Daddy after dinner – I went on Daddy’s back, and Cole brought his little stroller so Mickey could join us.


IMG_8113We are quite the cool crew.


IMG_8115I had a play date with Baby Sarah on Friday morning.


IMG_8121She wasn’t feeling so great, though, and she took a nap instead.


IMG_8126We went to Costco to get snacks for oneg after Cole’s concert, so of course we had some fro yo.


IMG_8131This is a sort of awkward angle, but Cole looked superhandsome in his shirt and tie.


IMG_8156We ran into Cole’s friend Henry at dinner! They weren’t dressed alike on purpose – great minds!


IMG_8160Some people Daddy might look at this and think we have enough bows. Mommy thinks we need a bigger bow holder.


IMG_8162Mommy didn’t get to walk this week due to weather and errands, so we went for a walk on Saturday. I cheered her on… quietly.


IMG_1481Cole got to play on the playground while we were exercising.


IMG_8169I woke up in time to go down the slides a few times before it started raining.


IMG_1491Cole enjoyed a SECOND playground at the Boulders’ game!


IMG_8172I am a big baseball fan.


IMG_8181So much fun!


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