Hailey from Farber Family Adventures – Guest-post-a-palooza!

Hailey is the star of Farber Family Adventures; her mom, Julie, is a member of the grammar police like Mommy and she does web design on the side. Julie also seems to cook like Mommy – Mommy requested Passover recipes on Twitter and Julie recommended catering – that’s Mommy’s kind of cooking! You should definitely check out her blog for more pictures of the beautiful Hailey – Mommy and I are especially jealous of their recent beach vacation!

Hey ya’ll,

I am Hailey! I will be 6 months old next week. O.M.G. That’s like 3 1/2 in dog years! Anyway, my mom writes on this blog called Farber Family Adventures … usually when I am sleeping.

Speaking of sleep :::yawn:::

Oh, sorry, I’m back.

Anyway, when Cole’s mommy asked my mommy if I would guest blog, I blushed and got really excited.

But what to talk about?

I could tell you about some of my favorite things (including my Jellycat huge doggy mat, Sophie the Giraffe, my Baby Gap clothes, snug tub…the list goes on). I could tell you about some of my mommy’s favorite tips (like how important transitions are to me adjusting well, take lots of pictures of your baby, putting on a lullaby CD when I go to sleep, my sound machine, my bedtime routine, etc).

But I got to thinking and thought I would be pretty open with you all today.

When I was first born, my mommy’s nurse asked her if she was going to breast feed me and my mommy said “yes”. I wasn’t too hungry at first but all that I can remember is my mommy putting me under her nightgown and putting her breast in my mouth. :::Patooey!::: Nooooo, thanks!” I said. The nurse, who was a meanie, kept pushing my mommy to continue and my mommy was getting frustrated with the nurse so I wanted to show that nurse who was boss.:::Patooey! Patooey! Patooey!::: We’ll show her, mom!

A day went by and then I started to get a little hungry. My skin was a little yellow and a doc named John Diss kept coming to take blood. Or maybe I had Jaundice and they needed blood. I was busy tanning, so I didn’t pay too much attention.

Either way, everyone knew how important it was for me to be eating, so they needed to give me a bottle with formula. Now THAT’S the stuff, ya’ll! Mommy was kind of sad, though. Okay, she was really sad. Stressed. Hormonal (I’m not sure what that means, but she said it a lot right after I was born). She spent hours using this machine that put milk in a bottle for her. Bring.it.on! I drank that milk like a champ (or so I was told). Doc John Diss left me alone after a day or two but mean nurse lady returned and I defended Mommy again. I wanted no part of that nurse getting her way! So they continued to give me milk in bottles. Mommy continued to use that machine. And mean nurse lady eventually left us all alone :::phew:::

Mommy says she wouldn’t have it any other way. She doesn’t use that machine anymore and I drink the good stuff in bottles along with my fruits and veggies.

She did what worked for me and her. I surely was not going to have mean nurse lady get her way. No boobie in my mouth! We know that using that machine and then giving formula is not what is for everyone, but it is for us. Mommy always says, You have to do what you have to do, especially if it keeps me happy! And boy am I a happy baby!

Mommy and I can definitely agree that what works for one family does not always work for everyone. Thanks for being such a great guest, Hailey – I raise my glass bottle of Similac to you! Cheers! Check out more of Hailey’s stories at Farber Family Adventures.

Farber Family Adventures

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