Our Week in iPhone Photos: 4/14-4/20

So busy this week! So busy that we didn’t get our recap post up until 2 days late – oops! Sorry. The week ahead looks jam packed, too, since Uncle Matt and Aunt Maya are home visiting for a few days – Mommy is looking forward to a nap sometime in July…


IMG_7160We went out to run a few errands on Sunday.  Cole gave Sugarplum a ride.


IMG_7167And told her a story.


IMG_7172Daddy got us dressed on Sunday morning while Mommy was at Hebrew school, and I got to wear All the Colors!


IMG_7181We had a very exciting day.


IMG_7188Music for Aardvarks rocks my socks.


IMG_7209I do not even know what we’re doing here.


IMG_7222Evening bubbles and chalk before bedtime.


IMG_7226We had a Tuesday morning playdate with Melissa and Trey.


IMG_7235And I insisted on trying out the Plasma Car all by myself,


IMG_7237Plasma car driving is tiring work.  We both fell asleep on the way to the lake.


IMG_7239Cole napped the entire way around.


IMG_7243So did I.


IMG_7256On Wednesday, Mommy went out for a while to get ready for her Lamaze Educator certification test.  Daddy made us healthy dinner…


IMG_7257took us out to play…


IMG_7258and put us to bed all by himself.


IMG_7269Thursday morning we went to the playground for a little while.


IMG_7281I can climb up the ladder all by myself!




IMG_7290I *love* the swings.


IMG_7306On Thursday night, we went to the library for a concert and then we had dinner with Grandma.




IMG_7322Mommy and I walked the lake again Friday morning. Mommy says I am not a very good cheerleader.


IMG_7326Are these bluebirds?


IMG_7331My favorite park of walking the lake is getting a snack before we pick up Cole.


IMG_7339Cole practicing his model looks.


IMG_7354On Saturday, we got to go to Field Station: Dinosaurs!


IMG_7365Cole thought this ankylosaurus was “sooooooo cute!”


IMG_7420We will have a whole post about our dino adventure later in the week.


IMG_7463Daddy and Mommy went to prom on Saturday night!




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