Up to My Eyeballs

I haven’t posted about this in the past, mostly because I know that it is something that the child involved will not want out there, on the internet, when he or she is older.

The interwebz are forever.

I have hit my breaking point, however, so I need… something. Advice. Support. Alcohol.

Without going into detail – because 1) disgusting, and 2) privacy – we are having some potty issues.  Once upon a time, we had a perfectly potty trained toddler.  All manner of waste were put in the proper receptacle – at home, in public, we were potty superstars.

Then, though, there was some intestinal difficulty and some… back up.  The resultant… product was larger than its exit route and caused a bit of pain.  This led to reluctance to participate in that activity anymore, which resulted in TONS of problems.

We have a diagnosis of encopresis (don’t google that), and have been back in pull ups.  There has not been any solid elimination in the potty since *January.*  Recently, the switch to pull ups resulted in complete potty training reversal – and LOTS of tears.  On the part of the child AND this mother.

For over 2 months.

I am so sick of cleaning excrement, it is ridiculous.  I cannot even.  We have a therapy appointment for tomorrow, and hopefully that leads us to some solution; it is SO hard to remember that this is a medical situation that said child does not have complete control over – I am unbelievably frustrated and less patient than I should be.  We have been through FOUR pairs of underwear and ALL of my ability to cope today.

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  1. Oof. That sounds really really rough. I wish you lots of patience and alcohol and a solution soon. Now I’m going to go google the thing you said not to google because I literally cannot help myself.

    • Some days are better than others. The day I posted was really bad, and I just lost my patience entirely. It is really, really hard to not get frustrated…

  2. I don’t have any tips cuz The Munchkin’s not potty trained yet, but if you’re still having problems with the hardness of the poop, white grape juice works wonders…

    That’s all I’ve got. Hope things get better for you soon!

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