My Maclaren Yellow Submarine Stroller… with many, many apologies to Limp Bizkit

Breath in now breath out
Hands up now hands down
Back up back up
Tell me what you’re gonna do now

Keep strollin’ strollin’ strollin’ strollin’
Now I know ya’ll be lovin this sub right here
Cole Emmett is right here
Toddler in the seat with them hands in the air

Cause if you goin’ ride then we goin’ ride
One two three times two to the sixth
Jonesin’ for you picks of the rad stroller mix
So in the mall we strollin’
In the park we strollin’
And back strollin’
And we stroll it all up
(Throw yo hands up)

Yeah, I’m straight up gangster, yo.

Okay, so you know how we *love* the babywearing around here, right? With a long pathway from the car to our building, and then 3 flights up to home, our carriers aren’t going to be retired anytime soon, but Mommy knew that once Lulu arrived we’d want to use a stroller when we are out and about…

But, oh how I hated the stroller! And Mommy wasn’t such a huge fan of it either. We had two choices stashed in the trunk of the car: 1) the bulky, clunky, heavy travel system, and 2) the cheapo umbrella stroller that we actually got for free with my car seat. Of the two, the umbrella stroller was definitely the lesser evil, but the handles were too low and not adjustable, and I preferred to push it rather than ride in it. We literally only used a stroller once every few months – maybe a dozen times total since I was born!

Mommy decided the answer, then, was too get a new stroller to tempt me into the riding lifestyle… So we added the Maclaren Quest Yellow Submarine Stroller to my wishlist, and Uncle Matt and Maya got it for us as a birthday present when Lulu was born! You guys? It was love at first sight. Mommy unpacked the box, and I immediately sat in it in our living room to watch a movie before nap time. In the 6 weeks we have owned it, we have used a stroller more than in the previous two and half years put together.

I even NAPPED in my new stroller. Miracle.

Thanks, Uncle Matt!
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  1. Awesome stroller, great song, and I LOVE the socks!

  2. Looks like a comfy ride! You look so peaceful napping away.

  3. Nice ride. I hate umbrella strollers. Both my nephews used the same one and when I even touch it the wheels lock up! I hate it!

  4. Cole in a stroller just seems so WRONG to me LOL

    Glad you guys found one that works for you and that he is not making you dual camel yeti them around with your broken foot!

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