30 Months

30 months. 30 months? 30 months!! Hold on a second while Mommy hyperventilates. 30 months means I am officially 2 and a half and Mommy has 6 months to plan my next birthday party. We don’t even have a theme! How will she ever not do anything until the week … Continue reading


I’m pretty sure everyone in real life has gotten theirs by now, so here’s a peek at Lulu’s birth announcement for my internet friends! Also? We sent one to the White House and got a card back – how cool is that?

29 & 1 Month Days

Ohmigosh, you guys, it has been FOREVER! I’ve been a *terrible* blogger lately – but Mommy’s show was this weekend (it went TERRIFIC, thanks for asking!) so we had rehearsals and tech week and all of that, plus we just found out that the school is closing, so we are … Continue reading