Our Week in iPhone Photos: 4/7-4/13

This week started out pretty nicely, and slid downhill fast. Hopefully this week coming up goes better, because just the fact that we *survived* this one should get us some bonus points or something. It was one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day after another…


Daddy’s birthday was on Tuesday, so we all went out for dim sum on Sunday as an early celebration. Cole *loves* dumplings!


AND Sunday was also Sawyer’s birthday party. It was SUPER windy, but Max was there so Cole was totally psyched.


They are both getting to be really good climbers.


IMG_6979Mommy tried to keep me contained in the swing, but I spent most of the time running and climbing on stuff.


IMG_6988It totally tuckered me out.


IMG_6999Henry had a fun playdate with Buddy.


IMG_7010Monday = Aardvarks.


IMG_7029It was a gorgeous day, so we went to the playground after picking up Cole from school. It only LOOKS like Mommy was torturing me – I actually loved the swing!


IMG_7032This is why Mommy gets her sunglasses at the dollar store.


IMG_7034I love doing everything with Cole. Daddy thought I was done with bathtime so he put my jammies on, but then he went to put my bedtime bottle together and I went to make sure Cole wasn’t lonely.



IMG_7039Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese on Tuesday!


IMG_7045We were marshmallows in the the hot cocoa cup!



IMG_7065I *love* spaghetti – I climbed up on Cole’s cooking stool to reach his leftovers.


IMG_7067On Wednesday night, Mommy had had enough, so she took us for a bedtime car ride to try to make everyone go to sleep.


IMG_7070It only half worked.



IMG_7071Couch nap at Coach’s house!


IMG_7093Cole liked to drive his Lightning McQueen car on the “road.” But don’t worry, Coach – he was very careful not to run over your flowers!


IMG_7108We went to the mall for a little while because Mommy had some errands, and we got to do some coloring in the Disney store.



IMG_7115I had my 15 month checkup on Friday morning. 3 shots 🙁


IMG_7120Cole took this picture!


IMG_7124and this one, too!


IMG_7140Saturday morning, I went with Mommy to Coach’s house for a little while. I made Coach and Grammy Boo and Aunt Angela and Mommy all read me this story book.


IMG_7145Our house is just weird. No shirt, not sure why. Hat stolen from Cole.



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