Our Week in iPhotos: 2/24-3/2

These week in review posts are a little bit of work to put together – not a TON or anything, but getting all the pics together and formatted correctly takes some time – and our free hours are few. When Mommy his home, Daddy is out and working, and the minute Daddy gets home, Mommy flies out to rehearsal or something. It has been a little hectic around here, so we were considering maybe dropping this feature, but then half a dozen people came up to us this week and told us how much they like it! It’s nice to know people are out there. ::waves:: Hi, people!


IMG_5271On Sunday morning, Mommy and Cole and I headed to the MACs Kids Expo. Cole really liked the puzzle at the Nourish Our Kids booth.


IMG_5287He *really* liked the huge play structure. And he spider-monkeyed all the way to the top SUPER fast!


IMG_5292I wanted to climb the giant habit-trail thing, too, but Mommy wouldn’t let me. I drove a car instead.


IMG_5311Sunday afternoon was the Purim Shpiel and carnival at temple. Cole was a hamentash.


IMG_5318These are the fish Cole won at the Purim carnival. More about them and why they’re swimming around in a vase later in the week…


IMG_5340I was so happy to get back to Music for Aardvarks! Last week was vacation, and the week before was a snow day.


IMG_5343So. Much. Fun.


IMG_5348Cole broke into Mommy’s totally awesome 80s lipstick. Fuschia is his color!


IMG_5351Wake up, wake up!


IMG_5365Cole had a playdate with Max on Tuesday while Mommy and I were in the city. Mommy, unfortunately, did not get a spot with Listen to Your Mother – maybe next year!


IMG_5367I wanted to sit on the bench and have a snack, too!


IMG_5379Early morning iPad time, while Mommy gets her wits about her. We will be posting a new favorite apps post soon…


IMG_5384After school, we went to Payless to get new rain boots for Cole, since his old ones are size 18 months (!!!) and don’t fit any more.


IMG_5391Cole was cracking up over *nothing* in the car. He’s weird.


IMG_5415Spaghetti dinner means topless dinner followed immediately by a bath. I love spaghetti!


IMG_5420See how I’m in my jammies, but not sleeping At All? Common theme these last few weeks.



On Thursday, we went to check out the brand new World of Wings – we have a TON to say about that, so our visit will have its own post. A few more pics for now, though…






The trip totally tuckered Cole out.


IMG_5589Me? Notsomuch.


IMG_5593Cole broke his grogger right before the performance at his class’s Purim party. He was displeased.


IMG_5598His teacher convinced him to sing, but he wasn’t happy about it.


IMG_5606Luckily, he perked up after a tiny bit of moping.


IMG_5621Cole’s party tired me out, and I slept through lunch, entirely.


IMG_5623Cole and Mommy had lunch with Aunt Angela at Stir Crazy. YUM.


IMG_5630I’ve had a teeny little ear infection. I don’t like it.


IMG_5645On Saturday, we went out for brunch. Cole and I like eggs and sausage and cheese – we ate it ALL up.


IMG_5651Cole got some Grandma snuggles.


IMG_5662And I hung out a bit with Aunt Rebecca.


IMG_5658See you next week!


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  1. I live this feature! You guys do such fun stuff I wish we lived closer!!!!

    • Aww, me too! Can’t wait to head to C’s birthday party, and we’ll definitely have to meet up vacation week. 🙂

  2. I said “awwwwwwwww” out loud at the sad Lulu picture. Ear infections are the worst. I want to hear more about this World of Wings thing – it looks cool!

  3. My goodness – Lulu looks so big!! Such cuties you have.

    • I know – I can’t believe she’s almost 14 months. Not really a baby anymore! Thank you – we think they’re pretty cute. 🙂

  4. Awww, poor Lulu for having an ear infection. Good to see you guys are having a lot of fun.

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