Heeeeeeeere’s Mommy!


You might not know this, but Mommy is at BlogHer *right at this very instant.* OR, you do know that already because you met her and are now checking my blog out… in any case, I’m going to give a brief little introduction to Cole’s First Blog. For everyone who already knows me, don’t worry – I’m hanging out with Daddy allllllllll weekend, so I’m sure I will have stories to tell come Monday!

That picture up there? Not the best of Mommy OR of me, but if you just met Mommy at the conference than she’s probably a frizzy mess by now so that’s an accurate portrayal. *I,* on the other hand, usually look much more charming.

Exhibit A:

and, because Mommy can’t resist, one more:
You can see TONS of other pictures of me here. But my blog isn’t ALL about the cute (although I will admit to that being a major part); I also have lots of adventures with Henry, sing with Daddy, and occasionally offer up a review. Meet Mommy and Daddy and check out some of my favorite posts here.

I love participating in blog hops and will be hosting a back to school one soon – read more about it and link up!

Leave me a comment and let me know you visited! Also, Mommy wants to say she doesn’t *always* look like a hot mess. Here’s her and Daddy in California on vacation!

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  1. I unfortunately am not busy meeting your mom at BlogHer (but am glad she got to go!!) but I loved this easy way to get to know you better, Cole! Off to read about her stolen tires….Have a great weekend!

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