Running Late, Or 10 from 11 on 16

Mommy used to be a punctual person. Once upon a time, she got everywhere on time – *early* even! Once, she and her college roommate went to the airport at the same time to catch flights home for Thanksgiving. Katie got on the plane, flew home, picked up her luggage, drove to her parents’ house, and called Mommy… who was still waiting for her flight. SUPERearly.

Daddy? Notsomuch. When they were dating, Mommy used to give him fake times so he’d show up when she wanted him to. There was serious discussion about how much trouble he’s be in if he was late to their wedding (he wasn’t).

Even now, Mommy will be standing in the front hall with her shoes on, keys in hand, while Daddy decides that it is the perfect time to check the batteries in all the smoke detectors.

I appear to take after my Daddy; scheduled events are merely a suggestion for me – there’s always another storytime, so I don’t stress, you know? Instead of Mommy being a positive influence on us, we seem to be dragging her down and we, as a family, are frequently tardy.

Case in point, this was supposed to be posted on Wednesday. See, my friend Kari does this post every month where she takes 10 pictures on the 10th to document a typical day (or not so typical: this month she’s traveling in Singapore). Fun, right? EVERY month, Mommy and I intend to do our own 10 on 10. And EVERY month we wake up on the 11th having forgotten entirely. D’Oh! *This* month, we finally remembered! But then forgot again. So, we have 1 on 10:

Reading with Max and Michele


We did not want to wait a whole ‘nother month, so we took our 10 pics on the 11th. But the 11th was Thousand Word Thursday and then Blogger was broken and I guest posted on Friday, so here we are. On the 16th. Posting our 10 on 10 11. Enjoy:

7:30AM – Good Morning!

8:30AM – finishing up some breakfast and checking in with my pal, Curious George

9:30AM – off to the library

10:30AM – Storytime!

11:30AM – hit the mall for a quick errand (Check out my sweet new shades!)

12:30PM – What’s a trip to the mall without some train table time in Barnes & Noble?

1:30PM – home again, home again

2:30PM – Nap time

3:30PM – still napping! (I know, WeeMason’sMom, right?!)

4:30PM – Daddy came home. I showed him my new shades.

That’s my 10, but I obviously didn’t go to bed at 4:30; we went to the playground, had dinner, played with my choo-choos, watched some Thomas, and THEN I went to bed. Got to get up tomorrow and do it all again!
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  1. So cute! Better late than never. I'm still punctual all the time, unless it's work. I can't be on time to work to save my life, but for a BBQ on a Sunday I'm never late.

  2. Oh, I can SO relate! I love being a little early for things but my husband always finds things to do last minute. Now that we have a toddler, it's even harder to get out of the house ;).

  3. I have never been on time for anything in my life. I plan on having instructions on how my body should show up late to the funeral LOL

    I love these pictures and want to link up next month! Mr Serious Cole right after waking up!! His sleeping positions cracked me up too! Love his little rock star shirt!

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