I have the meanest Mommy in the world.

There are SO many things that Mommy will not let me do.

  • She will not let me pull the lamps down.
  • She will not let me climb the tall employee ladders at Petsmart.
  • She will not let me drink her coffee.
  • She will not let me pull all of her hairs out one by one while I fall asleep.
  • She will not let me eat the neat stuff I find on the ground.
  • She will not let me walk down the slide.
  • She will not let me dive off the couch.
  • She will not let me stay up all night.
  • She will not let me play with the stuff under the sink.
  • She will not let me throw my toys in the garbage.
  • Sometimes? She leaves me all alone with Daddy or Grandma or Coach or other Not Mommies.

See? MEAN. Also, she’s really slow – sometimes it takes as long as FIVE whole minutes for her to figure out what I want and get it for me.

I may be just the tiniest bit grumpy this week what with the being stuck inside in the rain and the teething – I’m getting my vampire teeth (all 4 of them at once, from what Mommy can tell)…

…but probably it’s just that Mommy is the meanest.

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  1. What a mean mommy you have! I'll let you in on a little secret, something my Cole has also found out: all mommies are mean, just like yours. 🙂

  2. Dear Cole, Mommy learned from the best. Just ask her, she will tell you SHE had the meanest Mommy ever. Love, Boo

  3. Your mommy is SO mean! I can't believe she won't let you do all of those things! Come on over here…I gave up being mean a long time ago. You and Bryce can dive off the couch and walk up the slides together. He loves doing both of those things! 🙂

    Hey Cole, do you want to come over for a Saturday playdate? Have your mommy email me at leeann(at)thelifeofrylie(dot)com.

  4. Oh Cole Cole Cole….
    You don't want to pull the lamps down because they make a loud scary noise when you do!
    If you climb the ladders at Petsmart, they will put you to work and that is no fun either!
    Coffee and rocks are not nearly as tasty as they seem
    And if you throw your toys in the garbage, they might disappear forever!!!

    So it's obvious she's just trying to protect you from loud noises, nasty tastes, and disappearing toys!!

  5. Cole-
    a is five and has informed me that when she has a daughter, she's going to let her do/eat/say/buy whatever she wants. I informed her that I would not be babysitting then.

    One day, little man…one day. 🙂

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