Our Week in iPhone Photos: 12/9 – 12/15

Cole has gotten to get all the fun for too long, so I’m stepping up to recap our week for  Suzanne’s link-up! This week was brought to you by the letter “S” for “sick” and “sleep;” on the downside, I spiked a temperature of 104 degrees on Tuesday, and Cole came down with the same virus by the weekend, so our pictures are really boring… on the upside, we all got a LOT more sleep than we’ve been lately, which Mommy was pretty excited about.


On Sunday, we went to the Pancake House with Uncle David and Aunt Angela. Since it’s a teeny little place, we were split up into two tables right next to each – so Mommy and I had a little breakfast date! They gave us some cornbread with chocolate chips, which I liked a lot.

Cole is *always* coming over to my car seat to visit and say hi, so I returned the favor.

Cole went to a friend’s birthday party; he must be pretty popular, because this was the second of 5 parties over 3 weekends!

Grammy Boo and Coach got Cole a camera for Hanukkah so he is big on photography now.


Mondays are my favorite! We go to Music for Aardvarks on Mondays, but this Monday I was starting to fade by the end of class, and then Tuesday I woke up *sick.*

Cole got a carrier for Hanukkah, so he immediately popped Woody onto his back and went to jump on his bed. Because obviously. Also? He never wears pants anymore.  Seriously. I don’t think he has pants on in ANY of our pictures for the rest of the week! Boys are weird.


We had a super snuggly morning.

I helped Mommy with the laundry, It *is* helpful to take all of the folded clothes out of the basket, right?

Cole went to school to make apple sauce, and he gathered all of the dreidels for a “collection.” He said collection…

…but it kind of looks like hoarding to me.

Cole is very good at setting up the menorah. He takes it very seriously.

We got Mommy pretty new earrings!

I may or may not have thrown up all over Daddy – but it earned me a bonus midnight bath!


At least I am a cheerful sicky.

For those keeping score at home, this is Mommy’s second tire issue in less than a month. No bueno. And? Coach was watching me and Cole while Mommy was at rehearsal, so he couldn’t come to the rescue; Mommy had to ask one of the parents at school to put her donut on.

I may have spoken too soon about that cheerful thing.
After a v-e-r-y long day, I snuggled in to Mommy to fall asleep.

And Cole did, too.


Sick snuggles…

and more sick snuggles.

Cole is sitting *in* the couch. Boys are weird.

After I went to sleep, Cole helped crunch up candy canes for peppermint bark,

Mommy made hand warmers as Hanukkah gifts.


Daddy and I came to watch Cole sing Hanukkah songs at school, but (despite weeks of his teachers telling Mommy how much he loved to perform, and how fast he learned the lyrics) he did “not feel like singing.” We got latkes and jelly donuts, though, so overall the morning was a win.

We went to Coach and Grammy Boo’s house to do laundry, and Cole took a rare nap.

There were gingerbread houses displayed at the pizza place we went to for dinner – Mommy loves the pretzel log cabin.


I tested out Cole’s color changing Cars race track.


Cole had a naked dance party Saturday morning. This is relevant because it proves that Mommy had no way of knowing that he was super sick when she dragged us off to a Hanukkah party.  We have video that will NOT be posted online, but where Cole is *clearly* cheerful and happy, and not at all plague-like,

Cole’s performance was very entertaining.

We *both* passed out in the car on the way. PARTY ANIMALS.  Annnnd we were an hour early because apparently Mommy does not know how to read an evite.

Lulu fell asleep AGAIN mid-party and took a nice nap on Mommy.

You know it was a good party because Michele was Darth Vader. Also? we are the Best Guests Ever because AFTER we were an hour early, we were the last ones to leave because we were having so much fun hanging out with Michele and Taylor and Max and Sarah and we did not notice everyone upstairs left.  Kelly has probably crossed our names off of any future guest list…

Cole got sicker and sicker as Saturday progressed; by the time he went to bed he had a fever and was crying that his eyes hurt.  I *might* have given him my virus…  oops! 🙁

Whew! We had a busier week than I thought!

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