34 Months

I am a bad baby blogger – I completely forgot my own 34 month post!  In my defense, though, there has been a ton going on…

Mommy is busy planning my birthday party, which WAS supposed to be on August 12, but then not only was the park we wanted not available, but *every other park in a tri-state area* was booked as well! There was ONE local picnic area available for the 11th, so I guess that’s where/when the party will be, even though that means Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Eric, and Aunt Debbie won’t be able to come.  Sad.

Before we get to the BabyCenter milestone list, I’ve got to share with you guys a video from yesterday:

No, seriously – it’s only 13 seconds long.  You don’t even need to turn the sound on.

Did you see that?!  You guys?  I can SWIM!  Daddy wasn’t around and the lady that took the video didn’t really know how to work Mommy’s iPhone, so that’s a *very* short clip, but basically? Michael Phelps better watch out.

Now that we’ve established that I completely blew every other toddler milestone out of the water (water! ha!), we can check in with BabyCenter:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Names one color – I spotted a rainbow on Monday. I can name all the colors in it.
  • Names one friend – One? BC, please. Several.
  • Carries on a simple conversation – Yes.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Alternates feet going up and down stairs – Yup.
  • Uses prepositions – Yes – generally while I’m making *very* specific demands.
  • Speaks clearly most of the time (75% can be understood) – All of the people who tell Mommy, “oh, he’s so verbal!” can understand me.
  • Stacks 8 blocks – No problem.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Is toilet trained during the day – We’re working on it.
  • Wiggles thumb – I think so?
  • Expresses a wide range of emotions – How is this an advanced skill? Has anyone met a toddler that *doesn’t* express a wide range of emotions?
  • Draws a stick figure – No.  BUT. BabyCenter? I can SWIM. I never saw anyone at the Olympics drawing stick figures.

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  1. Great Swimming!!!


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