31 Months

Do anyone else’s weekends go by with blinding speed? Monday comes *so* fast!

We’ve had an amazingly mild winter, and the March weather has been completely gorgeous; we spend a LOT of time playing outside lately. I’m so glad it’s nice enough to go to the playground again!

In the past month, my imagination has grown by leaps and bounds; I use a silly voice to narrate conversations between toys, describe detailed scenes for my trains to run through, and have an imaginary friend. My big blue monster lives in the woods. He sleeps in a tree and likes to eat chicken and french fries and monster food. He does not eat ice cream because ice cream is for big boys and girls. Duh. He roars, and sometimes he wakes me up when I am taking a nap.

Unfortunately, the flip side of this imagination is that I’ve woken up a few times with night terrors – not fun at all. Apparently, they are exacerbated by excessive fatigue, but I’ve been a bit of a nap strike lately, so this is a problem that sort of perpetuates itself…

I continue to take really good care of Baby Lulu; I love to hold her and feed her, and I always get her binky when she is crying. She loves me and gives me smiles all the time – I even made her laugh for the very first time!

I’m still almost-but-not-quite in 2T… I comfortably fit in most of my 24 month stuff. Mommy’s home measurements put me at 27 pounds and 34″ tall.

Checking in with the BabyCenter milestones:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

  • Recites own name – I can do a full introduction! “Hi. I Cole. I 2 and half!” I like to make friends with *anyone* who might look even vaguely similar in age to me.
  • Draws a circle – Finally, a drawing milestone that I’ve met! I drew a sun with sidewalk chalk just the other day.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

  • Puts on a t-shirt – I put my arms in my sleeves every morning, but I’ve never tried to put a shirt on all by myself.
  • Balances on each foot for a second – Definitely.
  • Recognizes ABCs – I notice letters *everywhere,* but I don’t really know which ones are which.
  • Brushes teeth by himself – When I’m in a teeth-brushy kind of mood.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

  • Uses two adjectives – Big, cute, “yittle,” pretty… I use TONS of adjectives.
  • Draws a cross – Seriously? Can’t you be happy with my circle? How about a Star-of-David, Baby Center?
  • Points to objects described by use – Mommy has never tried this, so we have no idea if I could do it or not.

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  1. Ummm, I totally want video of you using silly voices for toys talking to one another!!

    And Cole in a super hero cape?! TOOOO cute!!!

    Star of David?!!? Totally glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that.

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