Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

Remember how I’m a techy toddler? Last week I posted about my favorite iPhone apps, and I thought I’d share the best iPad apps for toddlers here as well. Most of the iPhone apps I play with can be used on the iPad as well, but here are a few that I think are extra special on the bigger screen:

  • Pocket Pond, Free – I don’t think this app was originally designed with babies in mind, but I *love* it. Essentially, it’s like looking down on a koi pond from above; you can touch the screen and cause ripples in the water and watch fish swim around. Mommy likes this as a welcome break from some of my noisier faves. Quick Tip: The more patient you are in not touching the screen, the more fish come around – the ripples scare them away!

  • The Monster at the End of this Book, $3.99 – I love the paper format of this book, and the app is just amazing! Grover reads you the story and then physically attempts to prevent you from turning the pages – in the app, he is animated and you watch him building the wall and tying the knots in an effort to get you to stop moving forward. Quick Tip: Poor Grover! You get to interact by untying his knots and knocking down his wall!
  • Harold and the Purple Crayon, $6.99 – Okay, this is a super pricey app and Mommy’s pretty sure we got ours on sale… but it’s totally worth its price tag. Every single page is *packed* with interactive features, and there are 3 ways to go through the story; Touch Tale, where you are asked to tap and swipe to help move the story along, Read To Me, where the story is narrated as the words are highlighted, and Read Alone, where you or your Mommy can read the story to yourself. Quick Tip: Touch Tale is *totally* awesome, but you should watch the tutorial first to make sure you don’t miss anything!
  • Big Fork, Little Fork, Free – This app is more for older toddlers/preschoolers and their parents, but it’s absolutely amazing! This app is for you to use in the kitchen – it includes all sorts of kid friendly recipes, videos, nutrition facts, and games. Quick Tip: On the upper right side of the main menu screen, there is spilled flour that you can draw in with your finger!
  • Glow Draw, Free – This is a supercool drawing app; it has a black background and the drawings you create look like they’re glowing! You can change the colors and size of the lines your finger makes. Quick Tip: Ready to start over? Just shake the iPad like an old school Etch-A-Sketch!
  • Smithsonian Channel, Free – This is another one that might not be intended for toddlers, but totally rocks my world. Similar to the ABC or PBS players, the Smithsonian delivers free programming. There are full length videos in a variety of categories, including Air & Space, Culture, History, and Science & Nature. Quick Tip: Check out the “Baby New at the Zoo” video on the Kids Channel.

Did I miss your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments!

Don’t forget that Mommy, Lulu, and I are walking in the March of Dimes walk at the end of April – we’d sure love your support and/or company!

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  1. I am going to check those out as soon as I get home!

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