On Wednesday

Mommy and I stopped by Coach’s house on Wednesday to play for a little while…

Mommy told Coach it was so that she didn’t give his grandson away. She must have meant Henry, don’t you think?

It could not have been related to the fact that I woke up early AND cranky, and had had approximately 27 melt downs by 1:00. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I repeatedly opened the door to the bathroom while Mommy was trying to go. The door, incidentally, that led straight into an office full of people. Mommy wouldn’t hold that against me, right? I know she loves playing with me, so it must not have been that I skipped my nap to spend more time with her. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that I spent 85.3% of the day screaming.

Mommy says we are very lucky that Grandma & Grandpa and Grammy Boo & Coach all live so close! Today we are visiting Grammy Boo’s office for lunch!

Plotting world domination. Or taking a goldfish cracker break, one of the two.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank God for grandparents! My parents live very close by (1/2 mile away) and it's a huge blessing. What is it with all of the tantrums all of a sudden ;)? My daughter wants to be outside ALL THE TIME so we've seen a major outburst of tantrums lately. Be good to your mommy :)!

  2. Booooooo for 27 meltdowns by 1 pm!!

    I have decided that your mommy just might be lucky. While Mason sees both Grandma's once a week usually, they are NEVER EVER available when I'm having a “must drop this kid off somewhere other than a fire station PRONTO!” type of day! It's like half the reason he's upset is because he knows they are at work or out of town!

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