It’s Good to be Cute

Mommy read an article somewhere at some point in time about how physically attractive people have an easier time gaining employment, and, once employed, typically earn higher wages than their lesser attractive counterparts.

I don’t know about all that, but the cute? There are certain advantages.

A smile for the lady at the bakery? Earns me a free cookie.

Peek at the policeman in the deli before burying my head in Mommy’s shoulder? A free sticker for me!

Bat my eyelashes at the man in Dunkin’ Donuts? Yes, please, I *love* munchkins!

Wave and chat with the receptionist at the x-ray place, while Mommy fills out forms? She gave me a toy car!

So my advice to the toddlers out there? Practice your flirting skills and work them!

Check out the sticker the librarian gave me! (Although, to be fair, she gives them to everyone – the nurses in Dr. Andy’s office *totally* give me extra, though. I’m pretty sure I could walk out with the whole box if I wanted.)

Just a reminder, I’ve got a ton of stuff going on around here. There are a few causes I’m hoping you will consider supporting (if you’re visiting my actual blog there are buttons on the top of my right sidebar; if you’re an email subscriber or reading in a reader, I’m adding the links here for you).

First, Sakura Bloom is running a raffle to fundraise for relief for Japan. Check out my extra incentive here.

Secondly, in about a month, Mommy and I will be walking for the March of Dimes. We’d so love to have any of you local friends join us, and if you’re not in the NY area, I’d love it if you’d sponsor us!

On the more selfish end of the spectrum, I’m entered in the Modern Bird Facebook Photo Contest – pretty please vote for me? Aaaaaand, if you’ve done all that and are still here, maybe click to vote for me on Top Baby Blogs? You? ROCK.

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  1. You definitely rock the cute, little man!!

    Have you seen the special Facebook widget for your March of Dimes stuff??

  2. What a cute post! Just like you! 🙂 It definitely pays to be cute…if nothing more than to make your mommy proud when people gush over you. Before Rylie knew any better and would go to anyone, the nurses used to carry her around the pediatrician's office (it is a huge place) to “show her off”. It really did nothing for us, but made me feel good that people that were surrounded by children all day were making a fuss over my little cutie. 😀

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