#65 – 1000 Awesome Things

Cyber Monday

Hanukkah is SUPER early this year – the first night is this Wednesday! Good thing yesterday was Cyber Monday! Mommy does NOT like crowds, and she has an aversion to waking up early (don’t worry, I’m trying to help her with that) so Black Friday? Not for her. The 6 years she worked retail on that day were more than enough to cure her from EVER wanting to hit the mall during the holiday season.

Cyber Monday, on the other hand? A totally different story. We had most of our holiday shopping done, but there were a few items we were waiting to get special deals on. I can’t go into too much detail because everyone reads the blog, but we saved a bunch – and EVERYONE offers free shipping on Cyber Monday!

I can’t imagine the UPS man is going to love us after the next week or so, but our family and friends should be pretty pleased! 🙂

Snagging great deals and finishing off your holiday shopping without getting up at 4AM and battling the crowds? AWESOME.

Photo taken February, 2009
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  1. Our postman and the UPS guy are already tired of me and my ENDLESS STREAM of packages. But I LOVE ordering stuff online. The only problem is I don't get that instant gratification of having something new and special to hold and touch…so sometimes I just buy more stuff.

  2. We love Cyber Monday too and are expecting to see alot of the UPS and Fedex guys in the coming weeks. Gotta love Free Shipping!!

  3. i was not aware of free shipping on Monday! Dang, i will have to remember this for next year. Since we live in Mexico we are big fans of online shopping!

  4. Yup, I've reverted to cyber shopping this year as well. It's well worth the shipping costs to avoid all that holiday stress!

  5. im stillw orking on my shopping i went to the big mall yesterday (a tuesday) and it was packed i cannot imagine the mall on black friday, or thanksgiviing weekend for that matter!

  6. Agreed! I'm all about online shopping!

  7. I was super excited about Cyber Monday but didn't end up doing too much – an order from BRU, two orders from JCPenney (to counter the stuff that was out of stock at 5 am on Black Friday locally) and some Baby Legs!

    Glad you guys made out good!

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