Our Week in iPhone Photos: 2/10-2/16

Holy epic post, batman. There are a trillion and three pictures in this post – or 24. Whatever, I can’t count yet. We had a strange week where we alternated between doing nothing all day and doing All The Things; for example, on Friday, we dropped Cole off at school, worked on chorepgraphy for a temple show, took Henry to the vet, met with the cantor at temple, picked up Cole, went to Costco, AND hit up Tot Shabbat before dinner. WHOA. On Saturday… we did laundry and took car naps.


IMG_4937On Sunday, we went to Grammy Boo and Coach’s house, where I practiced doing somersaults (or trying anyway) while Mommy did laundry.


IMG_4943Somersaulting is exhausting. Notice that I’m snoozing in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.


IMG_4945The warmish weather is melting Cole’s snow man, even though he took the precaution of building it under a tree so he wouldn’t be in the sun.


IMG_4970There was some “weather” on Monday, so Cole;s school and Music for Aardvarks were cancelled; luckily, Michele invited us over to play with Max and Sarah!


IMG_4959I’m not sure if you guys have ever really met Sarah; she is Max’s little sister and is about 6 months older than me.


IMG_4961Max is a really good sharer.





IMG_4986How handsome is Max? He’s getting so tall!


IMG_4993Tuesday started out fairly lazily.


IMG_4996Then we went to IKEA to check out bunk beds and eat meatballs.


IMG_5013No idea what we did on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently, we took a bath at some point.


IMG_5025We had a BIG adventure on Thursday, which started with taking the train into the city.


IMG_5039We went to Sesame Street Live!


IMG_5042I was not so impressed with the pre-show Play Zone, which was a bit crowded and chaotic.


IMG_5046Once we found our seats, we got some popcorn to share. We *loved* the show – Mommy figured Cole would have a good time, but I surprised her by getting really into it. I liked dancing along to the music!


IMG_5059Since we were in Penn Station anyway, Mommy decided to grab some Krispy Kremes for Daddy. Cole flirted like mad with the cashier and scored a free donut, hat, AND balloon. He’s cute.


IMG_5084All that excitement totally wore me out, and I slept the entire way home.


IMG_5073Cole sat with his Valentine, Sawyer, on the train ride back.


IMG_5090Mommy got super spoiled for Valentine’s Day; Cole got her beautiful sunflowers, and Daddy surprised her with a stacker ring with my birthstone (she already has one with Cole’s).


IMG_5105After we picked up Cole from school on Friday, we hit up Costco. They were showing Hotel Transylvania, so we stopped to watch a bit because Cole loves that movie.

IMG_5108Cole fell asleep in his Purim mask on the way home from Tot Shabbat.


IMG_5111Daddy took Cole and me to McDonald’s for a little while on Saturday so Mommy could rest and get some work done – what a crazy week!


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  1. Taking a ton of camera phone pictures is the only thing I miss about my smart phone. I love seeing all of these and I can’t believe how big Miss Lulu is getting! Also I love Cole’s I LOVE LULU shirt. So cute!

    • Yeah, but now I exclusively take pictures with my phone and not with my actual camera! It’s just so much easier – the phone is always with me and quicker to juggle with both kids…

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