#61 – 1000 Awesome Things

Winter Sports…I think

Coach teaches skiing at the mountain big hill near our house in the winters, and Uncle Matt was on his high school AND college ski teams. Mommy was always more of a sit-near-the-fire-and-sip-hot-chocolate person than a real skier, but I? watch ski jumping and ski racing on t.v. and plan on winning Olympic Gold someday – and I’ll totally let Coach wear my medal.

I’m totally off to a great start, too. Coach got me SKIS for Christmas. They strap over my regular snow boots, AND they came with poles. (Seriously? Poles? For a toddler?) I took them for a test run on the living room floor, but then I fell, which I did not love – and I haven’t tried them outside yet.

*Then,* it snowed a lot around here… and kept snowing – so Daddy decided I needed a sled. He and Mommy and Aunt Angela have all taken turns pulling me up and down the hallway, but this is another item that hasn’t seen snow yet.

Finally, some of Mommy’s former students were talking about meeting up for ice skating, and I *definitely* don’t want to miss that, so Mommy used part of a gift card that Uncle Matt gave us to buy ice skates… and a helmet and elbow and knee pads to go with them.

So I am PREPARED to play in the snow, just in case it ever warms up enough to go out and play in it!

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  1. I demand that it warm up IMMEDIATELY for you guys so I can see pictures of all of this! I vote that you SKI to the ice skating rink, ice skate, and then Mommy pulls you home in the sled. AND that she doesn't forget her camera during this epic trip.

    But seriously? Toddler ice skates??? Yikes!!

  2. I went skiing. Once. I spent so much time on my butt that eventually I gave up and went for hot chocolate by the fire. That part? I liked. The rest of it. Not so much.

    And, PS. I can't wait until you take him ice skating. I want to see those pictures!

  3. Yes! WHY must the snow be so COLD? I would love to take the toddler outside to play but I can't be bothered with all the bundling and wrapping and coats and hats only to be forced back inside after 5 minutes. I hope you get to sled soon!

  4. Ah, to be a kid again and actually enjoy the snow! Good luck with all your winter activities!

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