Mommy makes plans…

…and I laugh.

Yesterday, Mommy had a *great* day planned. We were going to run an errand with Grammy that took us into Nyack, so it was the perfect chance to stop by my new favorite playground. After that, we were going to head to Grammy & Coach’s house for a nap and lunch, and then continue on our afternoon of fun. [Note: Mommy and I have been working hard on getting me into some kind of nap schedule – instead of being Nicky-No-Naps all the time. I figure I’ll give her a nap in the afternoon, since I’ve quit sleeping at night.]

There were SO many things going on yesterday; at the top of our to-do list was the Open House at The Little Gym, but we were also planning on hitting the New City Fall Festival, and *possibly* the Fall Harvest Fair in the Palisades Center, too. We had also considered the Children’s Book Fair in Tarrytown, but given everything else was closer and free (the fair would have cost $12 for Mommy), we decided to stay in Rockland.

Sounds great, right? This is what I actually did instead:

We got to the house at 1:25 and I slept for *exactly* an hour – to the minute. I got up totally cranky and shrieked my way through lunch. Then I spent another hour being clingy and cranky while Mommy tried to clean up and fold my laundry before I fell asleep again. For two and a half hours. We missed everything! I only woke up because Daddy came over for dinner and Henry ran me over – let me tell you what a great mood I was in after that!

In the spirit of being contrary, my grouchy outlook didn’t improve until bedtime, when I cheerfully read with Daddy and pretended I was not at all sleepy.

I just like to keep Mommy on her toes!

Also, you should check out my friend Harmony’s blog today – rumor has it she has a supercool guest poster with tips on travelling with your dog!

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  1. of course! on a day when nothing is planned they wont nap 🙂 thanks for the shout out and I think C wore that outfit yesterday too! LOL!

  2. It sounds like you guys had such a fun day planned too :o(

    The only time Mason falls asleep in the car these days is when we're going somewhere fun and then he doesn't want to wake up. If we're out for a drive or going somewhere boring? Wide awake and angry to be in the carseat. Blah.

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