Man vs. Slide

Looking for my “Awesome Thing” for the week? Stop by tomorrow – I have one all thought up, promise, but I had to tell my story of what happened yesterday.

Max and I went to Memorial Park playground (2 days in a row for me!) after our Music for Aardvarks class. We love that place!

We went on the seesaw with some new girlfriends.

I went on the swings.

Max and I chilled in the clubhouse…

…and I mastered the tire ramp.

I even climbed up the slides!

You know what you shouldn’t do? Try to walk *down* the slides. Up? Perfectly fine, if a bit frustrating at times, but down? Ends badly. With a bloody lip and tears.

Yup, I had my first playground injury yesterday. No pics, because Mommy was busy checking to make sure I still had all my teeth, but essentially, I ignored Mommy’s advice to go down the slide on my tushie and went down on my head instead. Turns out I should listen to Mommy.

I’m totally fine – a little bit of crying, but mostly because I wanted to get down and run around some more and Mommy insisted on sopping up my drippy face. The instant she let me go, I ran right back to the slide to go down again – the right way this time.

Maybe next time I’ll just stick to the see-saw…

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  1. Cole,

    Try to remember, Mommy and Daddy always know best!

    Love, Grammy

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