My Very Bloggy Makeover – Let’s Take a Tour

How great does my blog look today?! If you are viewing this in your e-mail or in a reader, you HAVE to click through just this once and check it out! The whole theme was inspired by my nursery (I’ll put pictures of that up in some future post) and I think it came out superfabulous! There are a few things that I still need to figure out with my shiny new blog, so bear with me if there are some bugs in the next few days.

So let’s go on a little tour… Please, no flash photography.

First, you will notice my gorgeous new header up at the top. See the little caterpillar? He’s ALL over my room,so my space on the internet looks more like my space in real life – plus, how cute is he? LOVE.  Speaking of the little caterpillar, when you see him in a post, that means the post isn’t over so click on him to read more!

Next, check out the right sidebar. Most of those items were there in the old design, but they’ve been prettied up and rearranged.

  • At the top is my Top Baby Blogs Button – a click on that is a vote for my blog on their site. I am teetering between the first and second pages so every vote counts – and you can vote every day! If you read my blog in a reader, there’s a link at the bottom of the feed, too. 
  • Third are my Google Friend and Networked Blogs followers – feel free to join either (or both!) to show your support of my blog.
  • My Twitter updates will show up in that widget – Mommy has Twitterrific on her iPhone, so we can keep in touch with our tweeps. I also like to tweet about baby and pet news that I come across.
  • Right now, my Awards section is pretty skimpy – but I’m proud of earning the NaBloPoMo badge and hopefully will get more to add there soon.
  • Henry’s Pick right now is a site that donates kibble to puppies in need if you go and answer a daily trivia question, but he chooses a new pet-related spot on the web every month or so.
  • The “Spoil Me” gadget is linked to my Amazon wish list. FYI: My birthday is August 24.  
  • I *love* my newly designed grab button – isn’t it great? You can add it to your page by copying the code underneath it… If you’re interested in a link exchange, let me know in the comments below!
  • Finally, the last 3 sections are pretty standard blog fare: From When I Was Little is my blog archives, the Label Cloud will help you find more posts about a given topic if you’re interested (my favorites are usually labeled Daddy or Henry), and About Me is a little bio.

This has become a very lengthy tour, and I don’t know if you all remembered a bag lunch so I’ll wrap it up with two more quick notes.

  1. I’m really excited to have my very first “Back to Top” button – see it? On the side there? It makes me happy – I don’t really know why.
  2. and

  3. Keep your arms and legs inside the car until the tram has come to a complete stop. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour today – let me know, what do you think?
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  1. You are adorable Cole, so I will have a pinch if I may 😉

    Like the look of your blog although didn't spot the caterpillar?

    Holla back at

  2. Thank you! We were having some technical difficulties, but the caterpillar's back now. Going to check out your site!

  3. Looks great Honey Bear! You will soon have the #1 Baby Blog in the World. And to think, you accomplished all this at such a young age! -Dad

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