Our Week in iPhone Photos: 10/13-10/19

inconceivableIt is unreal how fast this fall is flying by – maybe it’s just the way the Jewish holidays fell, but it is *unbelievable* that October is over halfway over! This week has been par for the course around here.


IMG_3055We hit the street fair on Sunday – Cole and both scarfed down some yummy chicken satay.


IMG_3064On Monday, we went to a babywearing meetup at Turtleback Zoo, and Mommy took an obscene amount of pictures, so brace yourselves. If you’re not prepared for a bunch of adorable heading your way, you should just leave now. (Although, really, if you’re not prepared for a bunch of adorable, this is not the blog for you. That’s pretty much what we have here.)
IMG_3090Just chilling in this pretend giant eggshell.
IMG_3097Froggyback riding
IMG_3108I took Minnie on her first carousel ride!
IMG_3142There were lots of fake animals to ride at Turtleback Zoo.
IMG_3136Look! Bison! Also, about 3 seconds later, I showed Mommy how I somehow know how to climb a fence. At 21 months.
IMG_3152Cole fed the budgies!
IMG_3164The new dinosaur playground? Kind of awesome.
IMG_3252Cole liked it, too.
IMG_3180So many fun things to climb!
IMG_3194No, pretend dinosaur! Don’t eat Cole!
IMG_3198More climbing
IMG_3209So, umm, Cole was a toddler not so long ago. When did he get to be such a big guy?
IMG_3210Cole took a picture of Mommy and Daddy.
IMG_3213And then they took a silly selfie.
IMG_3261Cole was in a huggy mood, but I was kind of over it.
IMG_3239More family selfies!
IMG_3249The zoo made me tired.
IMG_3267But I don’t feel so bad for napping since Cole passed out, too.


IMG_3279Fro yo for lunch! Yay for 16 Handles!
IMG_3314Sometimes, if we are having a sloppy dinner, I go topless. We are very klassy in our house.
IMG_3284Snuggly snuggles.


IMG_3296This pic makes it look like I was having a good time at Mommy & Me music, but actually I threw a fit so we had to leave early.
IMG_3304Maybe I was just hungry because I was MUCH more cheerful at lunch with Mommy.
IMG_3309This photo is mostly because Grammy Boo thinks I am always cheerful and smiley, and that it’s only Cole who gets grumpy. Not so! In fact, I could probably teach him a thing or 2 about properly throwing a public tantrum.
IMG_3316Mommy made me a tutu and a hat for my witch costume, and I LOVE it. All the twirling! Originally, I was supposed to be a butterfly because Mommy got a costume at Old Navy last year on clearance for $1.50, but then Cole demanded that I be a baby witch, so that’s what I’ll be.


IMG_3330The train table at Barnes and Noble is our favorite.
IMG_3333Cole and I walked into Starbucks, ordered for ourselves, snagged a table, and shared his cookie while Mommy paid. If we could just figure out how to get our own credit card and maybe a driver’s license, we could do away with Mommy all together.
IMG_3349Cole looks concerned about traffic or the fact that our car has no rear-view mirrors. Loosen up, Cole. Whoo! Convertible!


IMG_3352Couch nap at Coach’s house!
IMG_3353Daddy has found that he is spending more quality time with his friend at work than with Mommy, so he is aiming for more date nights.
IMG_3355They went for sushi before Friday night services.
IMG_3361I found a comfy spot to sit for Henry Hugglemonster.
IMG_3362so did Cole.


IMG_3371We took family pictures on Saturday, so Mommy had to take pics to do some last minute wardrobe consultation via text.
IMG_3379Pictures made me tired, so I slept through the first half of our trip to Fairway.
IMG_3383I would have woken up if I knew they were giving out cheese samples!
IMG_3386Mommy said that Cole and I could play Legos before bed if we put them all away when we were done, and we totally DID. I took out the bins, and Cole helped sort. Mommy had one of those very brief parenting moments where she felt like she was doing something right.

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  1. Y’all have the most fun life ever! I feel like every time I see these posts I just want to ask you to adopt me! 😉 Love it! :)-Ashley

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