Our Week in iPhone Photos: 10/6-10/12

Remember how we were going to get back on our game and post my 21 month milestone update on time? Bwahahahaha! Well, life gets in the way – and I didn’t go to bed until 11:30 last night so Cole didn’t get a chance to hop on Mommy’s laptop, so later this week…hopefully. Also? We should probably post about our vacation in Ocean City – from August! Sigh.


IMG_2709On Sunday, I woke up super early, so I crashed midday in my stroller.
IMG_2725Cole went to the movies with his friend, Aiden.
IMG_2739Then he came home and practiced his letters.  Looks like he is a righty this week…


IMG_2745Monday = Aardvarks. Rocking out on the big drum with Sarah!
IMG_2771It started raining, so instead of our walk we went and got Mommy’s flu shot.
IMG_2778Cole helped Daddy cook dinner.


IMG_2787Cole is a teenager now. Cereal on the couch in a comfy hoodie? No way he’s 4.
IMG_2797Mommy thinks my new bow is totes adorbs, but Cole my stylist is not so sure about it.
IMG_2806Maiden voyage around the lake for our Natibaby Violet Dreams. Isn’t she pretty? It’s my legacy wrap.
IMG_2820They were filming something at the lake – maybe The Following?
IMG_2826People ask if we are twins at least twice a week.
IMG_2830Lowes is way ahead of itself in the holiday decorating. Get ahold of yourself, Lowes – never mind respecting the turkey; respect the pumpkin!
IMG_2842Mommy had work on Tuesday afternoon and evening, so Daddy took us out for ice cream.  I think Mommy should work all the time.


IMG_2844Mommy’s bed was super cozy on Wednesday morning – I was not at all interested in waking up.
IMG_2845Neither was Cole – this was taken about 15 minutes before we had to leave for school.
IMG_2847We dropped by Coach’s house so he could cut down this dowel as part of Cole’s Halloween costume. Can you wait to see what he’s going to be?
IMG_2855I was a little sleepy at Music & Me at the library.
IMG_2878A bagel perked me right up.


IMG_2884Good morning, Thursday!
IMG_2890Cole *loves* lunch at the Chinese buffet.
IMG_2895We checked out the new Shops at Nanuet with Aunt Angela. Mostly, I napped and everyone else checked out the new Shops at Nanuet.
IMG_2903Cole wanted a pic in the Wompat.


IMG_2917Walking the lake.


IMG_2938I’m a teenager, too.
IMG_2942Celebrating International Babywearing Week with Minnie on my back.
IMG_2972Aunt Debbie came apple picking with us.
IMG_2975Cole really liked helping with the picker pole.
IMG_2990I preferred testing the apples.
IMG_3008The orchard we went to this year had a ton of different bounce houses – FUN.
IMG_3019Cole shared his apple cider.
IMG_3041It was Mommy & Daddy’s anniversary!
IMG_3045They celebrated with dinner and then a trip to the brand new Fairway.

Catch up again next week!

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  1. Awww, happy anniversary…can I just say how much I love that y’all capped off the night at the new grocery store…we totally spent the last half of our anniversary evening at Target! :)-Ashley

  2. I just need to tell you that Eloise looks remarkably similar to me as a toddler in the fourth picture down. It’s a little scary. That is all.

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