Our Week in iPhone Photos: 5/12-5/18

Late again with the weekly update, but that’s how we roll around here. It’s been a mostly quiet week, and Cole and I have begun to step it up with our late night partying game in early preparation for our teenage years, so I’ll just jump in with the pics, okay?


IMG_8208For Mother’s Day, we had a picnic in the park!


IMG_8210And then we went to Hoyer’s for ice cream – Cole shared his ice pop after only a little teasing.


IMG_8227Those pretty pink cheeks are the result of the fever I woke up with on Monday.


IMG_8230Rather than spread germs, Mommy and I went for a walk and skipped Aardvarks.


IMG_8233I took an afternoon nap…


IMG_8236Which meant at 10PM, I was ready to play all night!


IMG_8241We spent a lazy morning on Tuesday with the iPad.


IMG_8248Then we headed off to the library for a little while; Cole got to play on the computer!


IMG_8256And we played with the toys together.


IMG_8261The library started out as a school house, and they still have one of the 90 year old desks.


IMG_8268On Wednesday night, I stayed with Coach and Grammy Boo while Mommy and Daddy took Cole to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Mommy claimed they went for Shavuot, but I think they just had a gift card and didn’t feel like cooking…


IMG_8269I fought a nap, but the nap won.


IMG_1497Thursday night was the season opener for the Rockland Boulders.


IMG_8275While Cole was busy on the playground, I stole his juice. Shh!


IMG_8283There is a new little “train” that circles the stadium this year, and it was the highlight of Cole’s night.


IMG_8287All right, we’ll give that tiny fuzzy goslings are kind of cute, but the adult geese? Ick. Mommy and I stopped to yell at the ladies feeding them – seriously? You didn’t see all the signs about the overpopulation?


IMG_8289Friday’s walk was full of wildlife. Any ichthyologists in the house? The fish were all thrashing and splashing like crazy in the shallows… Why?


IMG_8292You can’t *really* tell, but this is a rare sight – I was awake!


IMG_8294After our walk, we went to Coach’s house to meet up with Aunt Angela, and I took the opportunity to drive Cole’s car while he wasn’t there.


IMG_8304After we picked Cole up, we had yummy lunch at Stir Crazy.


IMG_8311Back at Coach’s, I had important work to do on the disconnected keyboard.


IMG_8316I also supervised Coach and Cole’s youtube viewing.


IMG_8318Friday night we went over to a friends house for a delicious dinner and bonfire. Summer is coming, you guys!


IMG_8325Saturday was awesome. First, Cole woke up and requested “springy mack-uh-nonies and meatball sauce.”


IMG_8328An odd choice for breakfast, but tasty nonetheless.


IMG_8343Sunglasses: check. Stroller: check. Guys: check. Cole was ready to go!


IMG_8351We didn’t set out with a clear plan for the day, but we ended up going to the Turtleback Zoo, and it was So Much Fun.


IMG_8354I wore my new Elmo shoes. I love them.




IMG_8400Mommy is always attempting to take nice pictures of Cole and I together. This probably won’t end up on our Hanukkah card this year.




IMG_8412Another holiday card reject.


IMG_8424Fact: The bear turned around and walked away about 2 minutes after this photo was taken, and Cole announced to the full viewing room, “Look, now we can see his tushie!”


IMG_8453Mommy is afraid of birds, so going into the aviary and buying the little stick of food to feed the budgies just proves how much she loves Cole.
IMG_8475I was a teensy bit tuckered from the zoo, and I slept through dinner!


IMG_8477We ended the evening with a trip to Trader Joe’s. Mommy recommends these coconut chips. Yum!



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  1. Oh man, I LOVE Stir Crazy! I haven’t been there in YEARS!

    • We go there all the time – it’s one of the best restaurants in the mall, so it’s a favorite before a movie or if we’re running errands. Plus, I usually have a coupon or there’s a kids eat free deal or something. Yum!

  2. Love these recaps

    • Aww, thanks! I’m always surprised that people like them… And it’s funny to see who from real life reads the blog – people that I never would have suspected following mention things from them to us all the time!

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