Our Week in iPhone Photos: 5/19-5/25

Another relatively boring week; we had gotten so spoiled by the wonderful weather, and then all of a sudden it got freezing! Probably because Mommy had *just* tucked away most of our winter clothes.


IMG_8478This is the only picture we have from Sunday – Mommy ditched Daddy and I to go off to work, and then we joined her at temple for the talent show!


IMG_8484On Monday, we found a McDonald’s with the BIGGEST play place EVER.


IMG_8488This is me looking triumphant because I climbed all the way to the top and went down the slide All By Myself.


IMG_8508And we got kiddie cones! Best Day Ever.


IMG_8511I was a little tuckered after my adventures.


IMG_8485We got Mommy a solarweave ring sling for Mother’s Day and it came! Daddy tested it out.


IMG_8514Mommy and I got to try out our new carrier when we got home – I can’t wait to get it in the pool!


IMG_8527Trying out a double hammock…


IMG_8536I love dancing on the coffee table.


IMG_8542Double Hammock at IKEA. I was so comfy I took a nap.


IMG_8547Cole is finally big enough for Smaland – he was a big fan of the ball pit.


IMG_8558Meatballs and a pink cupcake. Yummy, yummy IKEA lunch.


IMG_8563The IKEA cafeteria has a play area in it.




IMG_8585More double hammock.


IMG_8589Apparently swimming in the ball pit is exhausting.


IMG_8593I slept in Cole’s room until about 4:30, when I decided I’d rather go back to Mommy and Daddy’s.




IMG_8600We had to wait while Forester Gump got an oil change and tire rotation.


IMG_8602It was kind of boring, but Mommy had toys in the backpack to play with.


IMG_1517Daddy took us out for the evening so Mommy could get some chores done at home.


IMG_8607Clothes sorted – boxes and boxes on the way OUT.


IMG_8610I only stayed until 12:30 on Wednesday night.


IMG_8614We hit 16 Handles for lunch on Thursday, and I got my very own!


IMG_8619Cole has decided that peanut butter is his very favorite frozen yogurt.


IMG_8625Cole’s room was this clean for approximately 7.2 seconds.


IMG_8630I had to visit Dr. Andy on Friday for a microencephaly check (my head is just fine, thank you very much), and found out that I shot up nearly 2 inches in 6 weeks! Cole better watch out; I’ll be bigger than him soon.


IMG_8636Baby ducks are way cuter than baby geese.


IMG_8639Buoyed by double hammock success, Mommy tried the rebozo variation.


IMG_8643Cole horned in on my couch nap… and then neither of us were ready for bed until after 10:00!


IMG_8647I stayed up and rocked out to Glee reruns. I am a huge fan of music and dancing!


On Saturday, Mommy finished up all of the baby clothe sorting and further straightened up the house while Daddy took us to the New Jersey Children’s Museum.













IMG_8649Mommy and Daddy had date night.





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  1. That play place is amazing!

    You linking up this week? Lots of babywearing here!

  2. That McDonald’s play land looks AMAZING!!! All of our local fast food restaurants did away with kids play places before Mason was born. There are a few McDonalds and Hardees that have outdoor places, but they’re all at least an hour away. Booooo….

    Your week makes my week look sooooo boring #sigh# So jealous of all the play opportunities in your area!

    • That stinks – we have an indoor play place, but it’s $14 per kid, so it’s WAY cheaper just to hang out at McD’s for the afternoon!

      And just remember, we have to fight the crowds at the playground!

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