Our Week in iPhotos: 2/3-2/9

So many posts, so little time: we have to tell you all about our new car, my 13 monthday was yesterday, we have a Moby Go! review, and Mommy has some crazy ideas about drastically changing our sleeping arrangements. For now, though, all we’ve got is our delayed weekly recap post…


IMG_4749I want to do *everything* Cole does – which means when he tries to take a bath without me, I have a FIT until I’m allowed in, too.


IMG_4755We went to Uncle David’s house for the Super Bowl. Their dog, Buddy, is super friendly, but I’m a little afraid of him – I’m happier when there is a gate between us.


IMG_4766I think I was the only one actually watching the game.


IMG_47718:08 AM – Cole’s school starts at 9.
Everyone sleeps better in Mommy and Daddy’s bed – except for, though, then Mommy and Daddy are not super well rested…

IMG_4791Monday is Music for Aardvarks day!

IMG_4796When we picked Cole up from school, he and a friend had made play date plans… The monies didn’t have any other commitments for the afternoon, so we just went with it.


IMG_4804Cole had a follow up with Dr. Andy for his tummy troubles. I just went to play with the toys.

IMG_4821We had our very first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s – Cole had a *blast* and Mommy was pleasantly surprised that it was not crazy loud and crowded.


IMG_4833On Wednesday afternoon, we hit up McDonald’s play space…

and then we picked up our new car.

IMG_4839Cole was asleep when we picked up the new car, so after dinner, he and Mommy took it out for a little test drive… Those are his pajamas under his “cowboy coat.”


IMG_4850Our second play date of the week; Cole was so happy to finally get to try on “up-down shoes!”

IMG_4842Mommy had a meeting on Thursday night, so she abandoned us for two hours; Cole waited up for her to tuck him in, and when she came back into the living room, Daddy and I were snuggled up and sleeping.


IMG_4869Since Cole’s school follows a different district than Daddy’s, their schedules were a little odd on Friday. Daddy’s early dismissal turned into a full blown snow day, and Cole’s regular schedule turned into early dismissal. That meant I got to stay home with Daddy on our own for a little while – he let me play in Cole’s room!

IMG_4873I tried on the snowman’s hat before the boys went outside.

IMG_4886daddy and Cole had SO much fun in the snow – they went sledding AND built a snowman!

IMG_4889After all that time outside, they came in for cocoa and a movie.

IMG_4867Daddy was exhausted from all that outdoor fun, so I snuggled him a little bit.


IMG_4895Mommy dug out the car because she was feeling a little cabin fever, and we headed to Whole Foods for lunch.

IMG_4903Then we went to Stew Leonard’s, which is one of Cole’s favorite places – he LOVES the dancing banana.

IMG_4905I, on the other hand, am not entirely certain how I feel about the banana.


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  1. All the Lulu-Daddy sleeping photos are too cute. I’m glad you guys got out of the house on Saturday (and I’m jealous of your Whole Foods). We’ve been trapped since Friday and I’m going a TIIIINY bit crazy.

    • I would be going absolutely bonkers – we have a condo, so there is nowhere for the kids to play. After a day or so we are all bouncing off the walls. Our Whole Foods is about half an hour away, but Stew Leonard’s is right across the street from it, so it’s a nice little afternoon trip.

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