Our Week in iPhone Photos: 1/27 – 2/2

I quit sleeping, so Mommy’s computer time has been scarce – thus the lack of recent posts. Mommy and Daddy are hoping that a pre-heated crib, and fleecey jammies will help me sleep better tonight – I keep ending up in their bed, which is not so restful for anyone.


IMG_4611On Sunday morning, Mommy stopped to get some belongings from Jane Honda – Grammy Boo guessed (correctly, as it turns out) that the insurance company would deem the car a total loss. Mommy and Cole are sad to lose her little purple car, but we will be picking up our new ride on Wednesday afternoon.

IMG_4602I spent a lot of this week eating – my transition to solid foods has been a tremendous success; if ANYONE is eating anything in my vicinity, they better be prepared to share!

IMG_4619Cole helps Daddy cook dinner once or twice a week.



I love Music for Aardvarks!

We had *weather* on Monday, so Daddy got out of school early – we all got to go for lunch together! And I was not kidding about being prepared to share your food; that’s Daddy’s spicy crab roll clutched in my fist.



We haven’t seen Max and Sarah for-ev-er, so Mommy and Michele set up a play date on Tuesday. It was still a bit snowy out, so we met up at the mall. We all had so much fun!

I had a LOT of fun – and then I took a little nap.

After Max and Sarah went home, we ran a few errands – Cole picked out a new hat!



Mommy had a mini stress out about getting too far behind on everything she has to do, so Daddy took us to the grocery store so she could have some time to herself.

And then we went to McDonalds!



Proof that, occasionally, I sleep…

and so does Cole!



Henry sleeps, too!

Don’t tell Cole I was playing with his Elmos, okay?

On Friday, we went to Coach’s house to meet up with Aunt Angela.

Cole took me for a ride on Lightning McQueen.

This is the truck that Daddy borrowed from his friend while we are waiting to get our new car. Notice we are trying to jump it; our bad car mojo killed it, and it ended up having to be towed. That was not a great end to the week.

Mommy had *just* finished a texted convo with WeeMason’sMom complaining about the car saga, when she walked up to our door and found these: 2 boxes of hand-me-downs! We are so lucky to have such great friends!



Cole slept at Coach and Grammy Boo’s house on Friday night, and Coach made us chocolate chip pancakes when we went to go get him on Saturday morning!


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  1. Your poor car! And then the dead truck! I hope whatever you’re picking up on Wednesday comes with a really great warranty and roadside assistance.

  2. You know, these “Week in Photos” things you do make me realize that you guys do more EVERY SINGLE DAY than Mason and I do in a week. Eek!

    I love love love Cole’s hat!

    Hope the new car is treating you well!!

    • And, see, I feel like we do the same exact thing week after week. We HAVE to go out, though – our house has no playroom or anything, so being cooped up inside is not good for *anyone’s* mental health. Cole is convinced that his new hat is a cowboy hat – he ran around with it yelling, “giddy up, cowboy!” for about 15 minutes last night. Then, I took him out for a special treat after dinner so his outfit was his flannel monkey pajamas, light up sneakers, the hat, and a “cowboy” coat. He informed me that “cowboys don’t wear mittens.” I feel like that could be the title of a children’s book, no?

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