Our Week in iPhone Photos: 11/18-11/24

Linking up with Suzanne again!


 We went for Baby Lulu’s first dim sum on Sunday – she really liked EVERYTHING!

I like the tea with leaves in it.
 Then we went to Fairway, and Lulu passed out.  She just can’t keep up!


 Monday was my Thanksgiving feast at school and we made special outfits; my Native American name is Chief Running Brook.


 We have story time at the library near Coach’s house on Tuesdays, so we stopped by to do laundry and blow bubbles.

 Lulu conquered the hearth.


On Wednesday, we went ice skating with Aunt Debbie and Cousin Amy, and then we came home and I helped Mommy make cupcakes.  Wednesday was kind of awesome.


 Happy Thanksgiving!


Camping in LL Bean.


I slept over at Grammy Boo & Coach’s so that Mommy & Daddy could get their lives storage space under some control.  (Can you imagine they didn’t think that I would be helpful to the organizing process?)  Believe it or not, this is actually better.
See you next week?
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  1. Ice skating! I'm so impressed, we took Evan last winter and he wouldn't even let us put him down.

    Your storage space is 1000000% more organized than our basement OR the attic.

  2. What an awesome busy week!!

    Ice skating?!!? You so are a future Olympian!

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