Can someone please explain to me about Instagram?

Okay, so I resisted the peer pressure for a l-o-n-g time to join yet ANOTHER social network, and then Mandy was having a sale on there, so Mommy felt compelled to check it out, even though she was not even going to buy anything…  So, in order to see what Mandy was selling, we had to create a profile, and download the app.  So we did.

I have posted exactly one photo – which 4 people liked, so I guess that’s nice… but couldn’t I have just posted it somewhere we already have established profiles?

We viewed Mandy’s sale, and followed back the people who inexplicably followed us, but now? we are at a loss.  Why do we need/want this?

I already post pictures here, and on Facebook, and on Twitter – and I have friends and interactions on all of those.  You guys? Instagram is giving me anxiety… there are not enough pictures in a day!

So someone, please, explain what Instagram is all about and why all the hoopla.  We just don’t get it.

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  1. I've found that the IG community I've built up is more supportive than elsewhere. For me, fb is family, friends, and colleagues, and I update the bare minimum to keep the peoples informed. Twitter is for thoughts & complaints & links to cool stuff. Instagram is a cup of coffee with a friend while she tells me about that time her two kids successfully shared their cars and how maybe everything really will be ok.

    Oh wait, I was supposed to say it's the filters, right? That's why you join?

  2. To me, Instagram is the Facebook where I can talk about my day, as it happens, all day long without annoying anyone.

    On Facebook, I rarely post pictures. 50% of the people I'm friends with on Facebook could care less about my pets. The other 50%? Would rather not see a bunch of pictures of my kid. On Instagram? I can post 20 pictures in one day and won't annoy anyone. People are there to see pictures and even the more mundane pictures are welcomed.

    The other thing is the instant feedback. I'll post a picture of Facebook and out of my 140 friends, I'll get maybe 6 likes and 1 comment and four hours later, anyone who logs onto Facebook doesn't see it because it's buried under LOLCatz posts and other random crap. On Instagram, I get a LOT more feedback and pictures are still being seen, liked, and commented on days, if not weeks after posting them. I know it's not about numbers, but that makes a person feel good. Unlike the ultra adorable Mason photo that gets onto Facebook and 3 people say “Aw, cute” and then no one else sees it.

    AND, you can post your picture on Instagram AND send it to Facebook and Twitter at the same time – all in one easy step. THUS, you're saving time! Get your zillion likes and feedback on Instagram while annoying no one, and have it also post the better pictures on Twitter and Facebook at the same time. It's a win win and takes no more time than just posting on FB.

  3. In summary, I've found Instagram to be a much better, much nicer community than Twitter or Facebook. And it's incredibly addicting. LOL

  4. Try it for a week and tell us we're wrong.

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