Cole & Lulu… or Pinky & the Brain

See this girl here?

Pretty adorable, right?  You would never know she was an evil genius.

plotting to take over the world
Long time readers will remember that I tried to break Mommy‘s will through sleep deprivation from the start.  I did not sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time for my first 6 months of life, and never slept through the night until 16 months.  I quit napping entirely shortly after my 2nd birthday.  You know what, though? Eventually I *had* to sleep.  After Mommy started hallucinating, Daddy started letting her sleep in on the weekends and that was the end of my run for household domination.
I definitely thought Lulu was too easy-going and made life WAY too easy on Mommy. She slep through the night by about a month old! 
I underestimated her.
Lulu was, all this time, lulling Mommy into a false sense of security.  She napped inconsistently, but as for night time sleeping? Nooooooo trouble here
Until about a month ago, when the night time wake ups began.  Once or twice a night, Lulu started insisting on midnight meetings with Mommy.  She started slowly, but increased intensity of her night time attacks until last night she was up every ten minutes from 11:30 to 4AM, and then for good at 6:30.  She recouped her energy through day time naps, but those, of course, are not an option for Mommy.
I? Have learned the value of teamwork.  At first my role was only to keep Mommy up during the day, which was easy enough since I do that anyway.  The past week or so, though, I’ve teamed up with Lulu and picked up right where she leaves off in the evening hours… Lulu finally went to sleep at 4AM? I was up at 4:30 for a potty trip.
And then?  Even Henry joined the fun by demanding Mommy take him out at 5:45!
Bwahahahaha! I’ve got to give Baby Lulu credit – Mommy is wilting, and obviously she is the boss around here, so it’s her we have to take down for a regime overthrow. Candy for breakfast! Toys for everyone!
Seriously, Mommy? This is your best effort? Snuggling us under the covers and desparately hoping we drift off? Nice try.
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  1. They sound EXACTLY like my ornery kids! I glare at moms who brag about babies who sleep… feel free to join me 🙂

  2. I love the pics those guys are def running the show!!!

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