Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much.

Bonus points to anyone who gets the movie reference…

I feel like there has been a TON going on lately, and I keep meaning to sit down and post, but now that the computer is on my mind is a blank, so I guess I’ll just share some recent pics.

This first pic is primarily for Grammy Boo – she doesn’t think I eat enough.
I *can* be very picky, and I go through periods of time where I don’t eat much – BUT then the next day I eat everything in sight!  There are times where Mommy really worries about how our grocery bill will look when I am a teenager; on Thursday, I ate 3.5 fruit/veggie pouches, a full yogurt, 2 sticks of cheese, a banana, a cereal bar, a container of mandarin oranges, milk, and juice – for breakfast alone!  I like to eat at the chicken quesadilla place because right next store is a fro-yo spot and Mommy takes me there for dessert if I’m a good boy!

Two weeks ago was my last Music for Aardvarks class. Mommy is super sad over this, but it’s a good choice for us right now; the new kids signed up are much younger than me, and I’m getting a little too big.  Plus, next fall I will be starting nursery school during the class time! Luke needn’t worry – Lulu and Mommy will be taking classes while I’m at school, but for the moment we’re not going at all.  We miss it! Also? Without that Monday morning class to anchor our week, we’ve been a little bit out of our routine.  We need some schedule! Who wants a play date?

Mommy and Coach and Lulu and I went into the city to visit the big elephant in Union Square – it was so much fun! After we saw the playful pachyderm and took a few pictures, we headed over to the playground in the northern end of the park – it has a whole separate toddler area with a GIANT sandbox that I played in for-ev-er.  Then, we hit up Republic for lunch before heading home.  I inhaled my dumplings (see, Grammy Boo? I eat!) and a bag of craisins that Mommy had in her bag, while Coach and Mommy had yummy noodle bowls.  Lulu slept through the whole thing, although I don’t know how – it was NOISY in there!

A few weeks ago, I picked out sunglasses at Babies R Us; they were turquoise and purple and shaped like butterflies and I totally loved them – but Henry ate them while Mommy and Lulu and I were walking for the March of Dimes on Sunday.  Daddy felt bad because Henry did it while he was watching him, so he said I could get new sunglasses and pick any ones that I wanted.  I sort of have an Elton John flair when it comes to eyewear – my new ones are iridescent blue hearts and I *love* them!

And, for the Lulu fans among you, here are some smiles:

and Mommy and Lulu on the swings at the park:

So.  What’s up with you guys?
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  1. LOL – yes, very Elton John!! Lulu is getting so big!!

  2. Love republic- we have to hit the mad square park music this summer!!

  3. Looks like you guy have been having a lot of fun! Love the glasses, so cute!!!

  4. “let me sum up”

    I need to come see the bebes!!! and YOU! I'm just never free and suck at making plans but I love you guys!

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