Crabby Cole: For Wendie

You guys know Mason, right?

You should. He’s like my internet BFF.

Anyway, Wendie is *always* posting super-cute pictures of Mason, who is ALWAYS smiling and cheerful. Check it out:

Clearly this is an angel child who never has a cranky moment.

Yesterday, Wendie wrote an entire post devoted to proving this was not the case. First of all, Mommy and I are not sure these photos weren’t staged. 🙂

Let’s take a look in depth:

First, Wendie claims that she needs 200 photos to get 3 good ones. This sooooooo cannot be the case – but even if it was? I only smile for Mommy once every 6 months or so, if that. Here are some recent photo fails:

Most of Mommy’s pics are blurry messes – and some are missing me entirely! I move SO fast that Mommy’s little camera can’t keep up!

Here is Wendie’s example of Mason having a meltdown:
Ummm? He even looks cute when he’s upset. Here is me having a tantrum:

::passes out seasickness medication:: Sorry about Mommy’s terrible cinematography. Also? Mason’s meltdowns are apparently at the end of the day, after he is overtired. Mine? Occur approximately every 20 minutes. Although maybe if Mommy actually *helped* me instead of videotaping it and sort of mocking me…

Here’s a less noisy temper tantrum:

Honestly? I don’t even know what got me so mad…

She then goes on to highlight some of Mason’s less-than-smiley photo faces. Ummm, Wendie? That’s kind of what my *good* pictures look like…

V-e-r-y focused on strolling this baby doll around. Serious business.

A beautiful spring afternoon at a maple farm? Might be fun for some people. Whatever.

Straight out of the camera, folks. No fancy Photoshop tricks here…

So you see, Wendie, you cannot compete with Mommy’s mad photography skillz. And we don’t believe you at all that Mason is not cheerful and sunshine-y 95% of the time.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. This made my entire day, possibly my whole weekend.

    Okay, let's put it into this perspective: Cole is serious all the time because he's preparing for his future at Harvard! You have to be very serious to make it into Harvard and he's starting early. Mason? He's obviously doomed to clown college.

    On another note? I seriously haven't even bothered getting out a camera since Sunday because “He who isn't allowed two naps a day at daycare comes home as Baby Satan” but I suppose that won't win us any points either since two naps a day sounds like a fantasy in your world….

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Every video of Baby L is basically her saying, “Mine? Mine? More?” and trying to grab the camera from me, then crying when she can't have it. Seriously. every. single. video.

  3. Too Cute! I am stopping by from the Sunday Hop at Relax and Surf Sunday! I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow me back:)

  4. how adorable that smile is contagious

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